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Excited For The New Kingdom! - Sins Of Maraj

If your a gems fanatic like myself, then a new KINGDOM is kind of a big deal!
Those who prepare for this will have a distinct advantage over those who do not!
This means saving all your resources! Those who have done so will have much
greater odds at receiving new cards and being able to max them immediately!

If you have not, don’t fret. It’s still not to late to at least bank some
of your resources before the new Kingdom drops on August 24th!
I have prepared some words of inspiration to get everyone pumped up!!! :sunglasses:

When the “Sins of Maraj” drops on the 24th…
You will LUST for some DARK DESIRE!
Don’t let your SLOTH deny you of a GLUTTONY of new cards!
Set your PRIDE aside and get GREEDy with your resources!
You will be the ENVY of all who did not heed my warning!
As you unleash your WRATH with a stack of new fresh cards!

- RipclaW GiB


I don’t know if it’s because salty suck but the stream didin’t impress me, i hope the other troops are better

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… Really Ricky? Really? We did some troop previews because it got a little tricky to show the quest-lines.


Divine Protector, Infernus, Ubaestet and that one lala thing is very excited about the new troops coming with this kingdom. They all told me that I can replace them with new troops, but that I would be an idiot in doing so because taking 2 minutes to achieve some gold instead of taking 30 seconds makes no sense.

But, I’m excited to read the stellar hero responses to the quest line which I’ll probably ignore. :smiley:

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Let me help you out.



Let’s go.

I guess?

(I like to imagine that the player character is a sweet airhead who just gets dragged into insane conflict.)


I’m not excited by Sloth’s release: Drain all mana from all allies and enemies. Gain Life equal to Mana drained. [1x] for 10 Mana.
He’s going to get the trololol award… (yeah I know I can use immuned to drain troops).

Else Wrath seems nice :wink: .

I really enjoyed playing with Wrath.


Story of my life.

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Monday should be event with that kingdom, so save non gold keys and use event keys on Monday

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Going to feel weird no longer having one of the largest key sinks in the game occurring for a long while after this kingdom.

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Just popping in to clarify that Sin of Maraj week will follow the kingdom release. (Unlike Shentang in the past.) :slight_smile:


Underworld troops won’t be available from keys?

Don’t answer anything @Tacet, it’s a trap!


No it’s not, I have a cookie for anyone who will answer :cookie:

Nope. Do delve, earn treasure, open underworld troops

Did this information come up in one of the streams? I can’t follow everything our communications ninja does, so I don’t know what all has been officially revealed about the next update.

Tacets monday stream

But after opening new troops will they be available in chests? Or only after 3-4 weeks?

Just to clarify i don’t say your stream suck but the combinaison of the team you used was a bad synergy team

According to tacet faction troops will never be available in chests. The only way to obtain them is through delve