Event suggestion: Pantheon of the Gods

The Pantheon of the Gods event would be a kind of successor event to the Raid Boss. In this event, the hero and his allies would enter the Mystical Forest in search of the Sacred Sanctuary to save the life of some iconic character in the franchise (I leave the story to the Devs, just as a suggestion, Sir Gwayne or Queen Ysabelle could have fallen ill and the hero, together with Luther and other allies, looked for a mystical flower in order to produce the cure).

The Mystical Forest, like Apocalypse and Primal, would not be revealed on any of the maps, but it would be explained that it is a point where Krystara and the Underworld come together, a thin veil of reality that unites both realities.

After winning some preliminary battles in the forest, the hero would find the Sacred Sanctuary (similar to the preliminary battles against Zuul’Goth, in the Raid Boss) and this is where things would change.
Instead of, in each battle, the hero encounters a single deity, as happened in the Raid Boss, there would be a Pantheon of Gods in the Sanctuary. In each battle in the sanctuary, one of these Gods would come at random.

I imagined a Pantheon with six initial Gods.
The cards representing these Gods would not have a mythical troop-colored border (like the Zuul’Goth), but rather a red border, like Doom weapons. Here are the troops I would love to see manifest.
- Yasmine.
- Gaard.
- Anu.
- Nysha.
- Zorn.
- Orpheu.

This time, they would not be avatars with the power of such entities, but the entities incarnated within the Sanctuary, thanks to the veil that would link different realities within history. His powers would resemble that of Zuul’Goth, in the Raid Boss.
For example:

- Yasmine: create skulls on the board, fill the lives of allies and hang enemies. Troops with immunities and healing would be essential against it.
- Gaard: create skulls on the board, fill the allies’ armor and place Burn on enemies.
- Anu: create skulls on the board, increase the attack of allies and put Stun on enemies.
- Nysha: create skulls on the board, fill mana from allies and drain mana from enemies.
- Zorn: create skulls on the board and put a curse and death mark on enemies.
- Orpheu: would create skulls on the board, enchant allies and put three of the enemies in Deep Sleep (new negative status, in Deep Sleep, the affected troop cannot attack with skulls or magic for three turns, however, when three turns have passed or was hit by any kind of damage, it would “wake up”, returning to normal).

The six Gods of the Pantheon would not be Boss type troops like Zuul’Goth, but God type. In response, a new troop type, True Godslayer, would be added to the battle ranks in order to assist the hero in your new journey.

The six troops would be available to be manufactured in the forge, but requiring different and varied resources for each one, which would give veteran players a reason to stay in the game much longer.

It’s just a suggestion, but honestly, I would love to see these entities so special in the game’s history, manifested in battle troops.

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Aranaea instead of Zorn, and it can tie in to the Medals.

No please @ the new troop types (‘true Godslayers’, etc.)!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I like Zorn because he is an Orc God. Honestly, one of the things that has disappointed me the most so far (mainly because I was looking forward to it) was the Barbarian class, which doesn’t live up to the Orcs. But Aranaea would also be welcome. I believe that there is a wide range of opportunities to work on this idea.

Regarding a new type of troop, I think that, in any case, in new events we will have some new type of weapon, medal or troop that will benefit the damage against certain enemies. I appreciate the idea of new types of medals and new weapons, but I wouldn’t mind a new line of troops either.
However, I confess that I would like more useful troops in the game, unlike 90% of faction troops, for example. :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat:


Barbarian class was awesome, for a like a day.


Three days, the first weekend when released.


Yeah, I’d like to see the Gods as not avatars. That could be a new interesting game mode.

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It would be an event that would remind Raid Boss, however, with each battle won, we would not know which of the Gods would come in the next battle. This would offer more of a challenge than facing Zuul’Goth several times in a row.

In addition, each of the six Gods could use a color of mana, bringing even more diversity to the battles.
Personally, I would also very much like to accumulate resources to manufacture them at Soulforge, just as I did with Zuul’Goth.

In the original article I wrote, the preliminary battles would be against “Titans”, which would be improved versions (when I say improved, I mean new skills and exclusives from that event) of some myths already existing in the game with Abynissia, Suna, Fallen Valdis and Pharos-Ra. I chose not to put this part so that it would not be a very long topic.