Troop upgrade to boss

Another Quest idea but this time for specific troops.

My idea is once a month or even once a week because by the time we get to the strip again it would be months if not years down the road, especially since two or more troops can come out in a week LOL…

But my idea is once a week or once a month or so have to be a quest. Kind of like a kingdom Quest but it could be a storyline Quest as well 2 gain a boss troop even if it’s not a boss troop yet.

What I mean by a boss truth is Gard’s Avatar. His natural ability is doing damage to All Enemies boost by his armor. When you fight him in the dungeon he becomes his boss version and he instead does true damage to all enemies based on his armor

I forgot the other boss versions of characters but any trip could have a boss version and I think I’ll imitation could be placed where you can only use them in Explorer or story mode or any mode where you are not fighting actual players.

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Doesn’t even have to be troop upgrade. It could be class upgrade as well like what some people are saying about the necromancy class.

This could be a lot of fun, especially if Raid Boss troops could counter the Boss versions with their damage multipliers.

anything that introduces more bosses, and more incentive to use god slayer troops. im getting pretty tired of ZG after ZG after ZG after ZG in the boss guild events.

ZG? What is that?

Zuul’Goth, the big, ugly dude you have to kill lots of times for points once a month.

Gocha. Yea very true…at later levels he gets mana back WAY too quicklu…