Time for "Godly" troops

These might not be better than the best currently Mythics we have, but they use 4 mana colors.

I found this, its the IP2 office pet. As you can see even he is embarrassed at their effort and excuses.

Its a cat pic so it cancels out any “negativity.”

I’d like it if the boss troops from the Dungeon battles were available somehow. From occasional Epic Dungeon battles, maybe?

It feels weird that Kurandara / Enraged Kurandara is the only available base / enhanced troop.


That would be cool. :sunglasses:

New troops are always welcome, but the last 50 released maybe 10 are even usable. I don’t want rotten :carrot: to chase, I want fresh, crunchy, shiny :carrot:

If they release something like this they have to have unique skills/traits. Something that wont be on any other or are currently on any troop.