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Future Mythic Discussion

With more Mythic release every months, we will have all mythic one for each kingdom by the end of the year. With only some kingdoms left to go, let’s guess what kind of Mythic it will be!


  • Mech/Construct War Machine with garantee lethal damage to any troops with no armor?


  • Kraken, Ship’s captain, Siren all already existed. The World Turtle? Posideon-inspried god? It clashed a lot with Merlantis…

Bright Forest

  • Fire version of Skadi? Everying in this kingdom is mirrored from Glacial Peak, so Mythic that can summon Queen Titania would likely be it. What’s left is her way of doing damage; Stun and Faeries Fire all enemy or True damage AoE?


  • Mythic Human slave lord? That’s sounds terrible… Mythic Psion-like demon that steal every enemies mana and give them to allies? Maybe too OP.


  • Even more ancient god than Abhorath? Avatar of Nysha?


  • Undine - I mistake him to be a Goddeess, turn out he is likely the father of Euryali. So he will be very closely related to Poseidon, Greek Myth. Alibity like submerge the whole team on 4 or 5 gem match, and triple blue gem on board?

Pan’s Vale

  • Wild Queen - why not Pan himself? Another silence-based troop?


  • King Simba? Spell that do heavy AoE and summon 3 Raksha?

Sword’s edge

  • Knight of Anu - also another avatar of original seven founder gods. Only Nysha is left now, maybe also Mythic version of Morthani’s Will.


  • Phoenix would be nice, but it’s so close to Sunbird. Some Mayan God?


  • Mythic goblins that combines all alibity of Princess Fizzbang, Queen Grapplepot and Nobend Brothers? Please don’t…


  • Spider queen that do heavy AoE and web all enemies?

I would prefer a Batcat



Speculation is not spoilers. It is speculation.

I think it’s because Orpheus is enlisted here.

Here are some of the pop-culture icons I’d like to see represented as Mythics:

Adana - Mecha-Godzilla

BlackHawk - Jaws

Karakoth - Cthulhu

Merlantis - Jörmungandr

Pan’s Vale - Princess Mononoke forest god

Prideland - Liger (It’s pretty much my favorite animal. It’s like a lion and a tiger mixed… bred for its skills in magic.) *Napoleon Dynamite reference.


Merlantis and Pan’s Vale have been confirmed to be Undine and Wild Queen.

I like the merlantis idea!

Shishigami. A sort of more empowered Kirin. A Kirin

Sorry, but I already claimed Mecha-Gobzilla

How could I forgot to include Cthulhu? That’s an awesome idea! But… we already have Cthryrzyx in the same kingdom. I still think Cthulhu is still worthly of a Mythic card, or maybe some other Lovecraftian creatures.

Come to think of it, maybe an avatar of Nysha, like Nysha’s soul, might become a Mythic of Karakoth. All other 7 Founder Gods are linked to each 7 gem types; Stonehammer-brown, Gard-Yellow, Yasmine-Green, Morthani-purple, Anu-blue, Orphous-Red, and Nysha-skulls. It makes most sense if Nysha end up here.

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Stooop to much Cuteness!


Sorry to say this but batcat is second mythic to ghulvania

Mythic trait is

Adorable: cannot be selected for attack and all damage is reflected 1000% to attacker

Spell, scratches 33 life to all allies, One shot spell.

Flying dutchman could be nice.

There wasn’t something about Darkstone belonging to a missing Dark Lord or something like that?

It seems to be Kurandara (coming from Doomclaw’s introduction).

Phoenix is named in Sunbird’s introduction so I guess it will be Phoenix. Maybe something that summons Sunbird. Or an upgraded version of Sunbird.

A Goblin-Gundam (i.e. robot) could be nice :wink: .

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As there is a new Mythic released, I’ve just updated the original post. Let’s discuss some more.

turintuor, I’ve just read the Darkstone’s quest. The Dark Lord was not missing, but controlled by Psion, and supposedly freed when when we kill it. There is a mention of Dimetraxia’s 2 offsprings though, maybe they will come back as fell dragon Mythic somehow.

You’re right about Kurandura, his story is interesting. It is even implied that he is the one created Tome of Evil, as Hellspawns are his minion hoard. It’s amazing how those 2 recently new troops is mentioned that long agos. But how is Karakoth’s lore ended up in Uskaya’s post though, sometimes lore post is canon very interesting, other times just some joke stories with pun.

Lore post of Sunbird mentioned that it is an offspring of actual Phenoix. It’s certainly have to be it.

Anyway, with Shantang coming next, I wonder what kind of Mythic it will be. Some God from actual Chinese lore, with WINGS?!! We’ll have to wait and see! ^^

Wild stab at guessing a moon eating dragon :wink:
But would definitely prefer the Monkey King. Monkey!!

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So he could be the Mythic or just a Legendary (a Mythic brain-washed by a Legendary… no thanks).

I imagine that he will summon Tzathoth (ie tentacles).

There are already a lot of troops in the spoilers: Monkey King, Chinese Dragon, Chinese Daemon, Winged elves…

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Why not? If the Mythic has brains enough to be washed…

Phoenix and dragons are high on Chinese mythology.

If I were a betting man, I’d say dragon.