A new craftable mythic like Xathenos and weapon like Dawnbringer

High level players like me who have everything (except Zuul’Goth) need something new to work for and spend souls on. A new Xathenos like troop or badass weapon like Dawnbringer that costs millions of souls would give us a goal to aim for or even go soul hunting again.
The new troop should epitomize its race the way Xathenos does. Stealing life, summoning and boosting undead is everything you would expect from the lord of the undead and the new troop should do the same for its race.

The only problem with crafting Zuul is the orb requirement which is guild dependent, since you get most orbs from guild events, so I would prefer to craft something that takes resources you can grind for or craft. Eventually I would like to see an extra-mythic troop like Xathenos for every major race and they should be limited like Xathenos, in that they are only good for use with troops from that race. Here is a good start…

Troop Suggestion:
Gaia - Elemental/Fey - bringer of life, mother of the elementals

  • Act of Creation - Give xx life and 5 mana to all allies, enchant all elemental and cleanse all fey allies , then summon a random treelike troop that is both Fey and Elemental
    (Dryad, Treant, Rowanne, Alderfather, Gloomleaf, King Bloodwood)
  • all elementals gain 2 magic and life when ally casts spell
  • 50% chance to inflict all elemental effects (entangle, poison, disease, burning and freeze) on a random enemy when matching 4 or 5

Cthulhu - Monster/Daemon (or whatever name isn’t trademarked I guess lol)

  • To the Depths - Deal damage boosted by submerged allies and enemies to the last and a random enemy then stun, poison and disease them with a 20% chance to devour last enemy for each submerged ally.
  • Permanently submerged
  • Tentacles
  • 75% chance to summon a Kraken when an enemy dies

Odin - Giant/Divine -The Allfather (introduce new status effect Shock or positive effect Electrified)

  • Gungnir (the spear of Odin) - Shock and do xx true damage to an enemy and all below them, then barrier and enchant myself and Electrify a random ally
  • Lighting bolt
  • Lord of Thunder - 25% chance to electrify and ally on 4 and 5 matches
  • Disciples of Odin - 50% chance to summon Zephyros or Jotnar when an ally dies

Electric Shock - while shocked, your spell has a 50% chance to fail, doing no damage, and a 33% chance to do half it’s damage as light splash damage to self and those around you, effect lasts for 3 turns or is removed when taking damage)
Electrified - while electrified, your spell has a 50% chance to hit again on a random enemy doing half the original damage, effect lasts for 3 turns or is removed when taking damage or casting spell)


Whilst I completely agree about there being a new craftable weapon like Dawnbringer (it has been discussed for considerable time), we certainly don’t need:

With the 6 million or so souls needed to work towards the new achievement grinding explore mode to upgrade 100 troops to elite level.


I personally don’t care about achievements, rather have a cool and unique troop instead, and you can farm souls and tokens at the same time. Besides, crafting these class unique mythics is optional, so please don’t waste precious screen space telling me that you don’t want it, it won’t affect you in any way if they add them to the game and the rest of us will have something better to look forward to than adding a few stats to existing troops.


Since you need over 44.5 million souls to max elite levels on all troops, I don’t think we need another soul sink.


I agree with you. People were clamoring for a way to spend their excess souls, but I don’t think they were envisioning spending millions and millions of them on meaningless stat upgrades on troops they will never use, just to get a ridiculously tedious achievement.

A new forgeable mythic weapon is LONG overdue, and I personally would get way more enjoyment out of it than saving those souls for stat upgrades for other troops. I still remember how much fun I had using Dawnbringer when it first came out, and I still use it on a regular basis. I would love to see a new mythic weapon on that same power level.

A new craftable mythic troop would probably have slightly less appeal, because most players are probably more concerned with having a complete troop collection as opposed to a complete weapon collection and this could be an impediment toward having that. But I personally would love another troop to craft as well. As long as it’s not tied to an achievement, players could choose how to spend their souls.

An overpriced soul-spending gimmick like medals should not be a serious obstacle toward giving players cool new weapons and troops that they would actually use.


We already have gold sink in delves hoard, maybe soul to gold converter would help.

You proposed an idea, I politely gave my opinion, no need to be so defensive or rude. I actually agreed that I would like a new mythic weapon smh


I’m violently opposed to anything new that takes as long as Zuul’goth or Dawnbringer to craft. I say this because I’m selfish, and I’ve finished those two grinds. I damn near quit when I was 1 orb away from Zuul’goth and I think I’m still in the period where if they unveil Zuul’goth 2 I’m going to remember all that anger.

Xathenos, on the other hand, isn’t quite so bad a grind. So I don’t mind expensive or long-term craftables entirely.

But power creep’s a problem. Dawnbringer is almost irrelevant these days. Zuul’goth still packs a punch, but do we need more troops of that power level?

I don’t know. It’d depend on price and individual troop. Like I said I’m bitter about how much everything in this game costs, and further bitter by your attempt to dismiss an argument when you haven’t even rubbed two brain cells together. Yeah, let’s shift gears to that:

it won’t affect you in any way if they add them to the game and

It’s a troop. People are going to get it eventually. If it’s on the order of Zuul’goth’s power level, it will show up in teams and I’ll have to face it. ZG isn’t as big a threat as people worried it might be on defense, but on offense I find it’s the most reliable and fast team I can run. Without it, I’d make probably 25% less gold per week because I’d play fewer PvP matches both out of boredom and time constraints. That’s an impact.


You’re right Shady, I am defensive but that’s just because I’m sick of people ruining my posts by talking about stuff that has nothing to do with what I posted, so sorry for that, it was just a preemptive move to focus people on the topic.
As for not rubbing two brain cells together, :laughing: i like that, has Xathenos ruined you pvp experience Slypenslyde? I have never seen Xathenos in pvp, it’s one of the most underused troops in the game. I totally agree about insta-kill troops like Zuul or worse yet Scorpius or Ubastet, I don’t think we need any more like that but the troops I suggested would be very class restricted and like Xathenos you would probably never use them in Pvp but it’s now my favorite in lvl12 explore.
The reason I suggested this is simply because I’m BORED! Grinding for tokens and deeds is boring with no goal in sight, but an awesome and unique (if not easy to play) troop is something to look forward to and would keep me playing for years to come.

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I agree with you there, I think for one of the first times in a long time I literally couldn’t motivate myself to play this week, because explore, and explore, and more explore until my head explodes. After you’ve got your medal of Nysha, Anu and Cedrick equipped (which I do have), upgrading a load of troops you will never use seems pretty pointless.

At that point if you care about the achievement (which I do) then you will continue to grind 100 elite troops for it, and if you don’t care about achievements (many don’t) then you will more than likely be finished with this mode. If Explore was designed to give players a long term goal to work towards, it doesn’t really do that (after you’ve upgraded the worthwhile troops you use) unless you are bothered about the achievement.

I think it would be great to have another Mythic weapon to work towards, but now that Explore is here it is here to stay, and for those that play it will be a massive soul sink. Maybe instead of souls it could be based on the 1000’s of Mythic ingots I have spare after upgrading all weapons, or another currency instead of souls.

I’m just imagining how powerful King Gobtruffle would become with that after looping for about 10 turns lol!!!

Lol, you’re right that would be crazy, obviously those are just rough ideas that would have to be balanced, last thing we need is more mana generating goblins and such, but I thought my suggestions were a pretty good start.

goblin troops were my OG bread and butter before i got an ace dragon team but I would love a special ultra powered goblin and dragon troop you had to work for. again nothing like ZG but a Xathenos class troop I’m all for it cause others are right a good drain team will just steamroll any DB or Xathenos user due to how much mana it takes for them to pop their ability I want something new that will force me to think of a strategy defeat it not just (OK famine’s full time to drain everyone and destroy their boss troop

Let’s talk about the real joke in this thread.

This is a good complaint! I hate when people straw man or misdirect what I say into something else.

I wasn’t arguing about specifically, “Xathenos has impact on PvP”. I was arguing “troops have impact on PvP”. Nice try misdirecting my argument to a straw man, hypocrite. In fact, Zuul’goth was the only troop I mentioned in that point.

I could just as easily say, “What, Dandy Lion isn’t craftable enough for you?” but one of us understands that’s not what you meant.

Dude, all I pointed out is that you are worried that troops like Xathenos will pop up in battles and you would have to face them, and that’s somehow a bad thing, but Xathenos is in the game and has changed nothing, because its a very race specific troop that’s hard to play in most situations. So it would have a negligible effect on game but be fun to use in class specific teams and challenges. I don’t see how giving a direct response to your criticism is hypocritical, but whatever.
Also, you spent half your post complaining about grinding for Zul and the second half about how useful it is to grind with, so are you saying you want more troops like that or not, I’m not sure if you’re agreeing with my post or not. Anyways…
This post was intended for people to share cool ideas for Class specific troops like the ones I suggested in my original, if you have some cool ideas I’d like to hear one, Thanks.

I would welcome another mythic weapon to work towards, especially if it used the other colors that Dawnbringer does not.

Love the idea of Cthulhu as a character. Rather than summoning Kraken I’d suggest a stacking multi-steal ability ie, Insanity: -4 on a random stat on all opponents with an addition -1 point whenever an ally of the same race casts a spell.

Maybe make Divines immune to Insanity to counter?