Buff Xathenos

Or else change his name to Suckenos.

(Because he sucks).


4,000 diamonds worth of regret right there :slight_smile:

I think his spell is fine (except I swear I have only seen two summons for the longest time when it does kill something). It starts off slower than drac and suna steals from 2 targets, but it does scale better with the magic steal. It could either apply curse and death mark to the target as well or drain mana just like Morthani’s Will.

Since The Gray King has the 4+ match buffs, Xathenos should be at the start of every turn. For this other traits, personally I’d like impervious with either arcane or mana shield but I’d also accept necromancy as it would be thematically fitting.

Here’s the link to the most recent thread by @TheIdleOne

Troops that should have a buff


Xathenos should be the definition picture of “hasn’t aged well”.


Impervious is a great call for Xathenos. So is magic or mana steal.

I have used him with 2 Gray Kings and EOE/Glaive in applicable Tuesday faction runs as Necro or Death knight. Impervious would work well as the captain of the dead etc. I mean that 3rd trait there works well, but you would never run it anywhere else.

I’d like to see the 3rd trait go and do something like Dark Monolith’s spell but absorb 2 mana and 2-4 magic when an enemy casts a spell. So it grows etc.

That’s why I haven’t crafted it. I am missing 4 troops Inc xathenos and each of them are dust collectors. He ain’t the only mythic that needs a buff. I mean cmon abynissia is shocking

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Great idea to buff him. Since he’s so expensive to craft, would be nice if he were a very strong Undead Mythic!