Is it worth crafting Xathenos?

Is it worth spending the resources to craft this troop?

Was the absolute last one I worried about, not tied to any kingdom so no power level boost

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To unlock the Xathenos achievement. other than that, not really.


He was probably a decent option back in the day when he first debuted. But he likely needs some refinements/upgrades if he’s to become a viable choice once again.

The Grey King is simply a vastly superior option when truncating the list to Undead mythics. In every conceivable way.

No clue. We got him from LT when it was first available years ago. When we posted it in the forums, all platforms complained to the devs and asked them to take it away from us. The devs just said oops and took it off LT’s. I was the guild leader and contacted the devs and told them we have no issues if they took it away from us, but they let us keep it. Of course, if it was Zuul goth, then they definately would have taken him from us. But then we would have kept quiet about it

Contrarian opinion, but he’s not that bad. That magic steal is quite nice against very high-level enemies. He’s also a great summoner if losing troops is a risk (e.g., against high-level enemies).

He’s somewhat slow to fill and doesn’t have great synergies. I would not craft him until you have other more useful troops. Here’s a fun E12 team with him (not the fastest but still fun):


No. Unless it’s for collection purposes. Very late game goal at that.

Xathenos needed buffs, but got a weak buff to its 3rd trait and hasn’t been touched since.

It could have been good for its time but is too slow to start.

Could probably be made viable with the Undead version of the Guild Guardian traits:
“Give 4 to all Skills on all Undead Allies when matching 4 or more Gems.”

Xathenos was great in last week’s guild event.