New Mythic weapon in soulforge

Please add new mythic weapon in soulforge as even after crafting dawnbringer many players have millions of souls and we want to get something in return (valuable). Also give us chance to craft old weapons which someone have missed like mythic card crafting which gives different choices every week in soulforge.


Personally, i’d love a 3 colour Mythic weapon thats the oposite colours of Db (purple/brown/green).

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So - if “Dawnbringer” is Red/Yellow/Blue

“Nightbringer” should be Brown/Purple/Green

“Deal Magic+2 damage to all enemies, boosted by Purple Troops - Entangle all enemies - if there are 13 or more Brown Gems - Gain 2 Magic”

Its the dawnbringer of the darkside!


I think you should change “if there are 13 brown gems gain 2 magic” by Web all enemies.

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well, a Green Status effect one way or the other :stuck_out_tongue:

Or Somthing like true damage to all and / or ignors enemies shield or something crazy new

I think that might make it quite a bit more powerful , the reason i put that effect is its basically Dawnbringers effect reversed – well not really , if we are going Dawnbringer, and Duskbringer… it would have to be more …

Give allies Magic+2 life - boosted by purple troops, Web all enemies and if there are 13 or more Brown Gems, gain 2 magic -

which is kinda cool

To be cool it should freeze :rofl::cold_face::rofl::crazy_face:

Duskbringer: Purple/Green/Brown (20). Deal (Magic/2)+2 True Damage to all enemies, boosted (+2) by all purple allies. Freeze all enemies. If there are 13 or more brown gems on the board, gain +2 Magic.
The reason I chose purple is that it is considered the “opposite” of yellow in the game.