Event question?

Where is the best place to find darksrone troops?

Play explore on Darkstone, you’ll definitely catch the Darkstone troops there.


challenges 1 and 2 in Darkstone both give 3 kills for the event.


Thought this question was leading to some kind of joke. Anyhow here is a summary of your farming options. I would not consider Exploring other Kingdoms or PvP as “farming methods” but you will receive a few Event stones occasionally from those activities.

Explore Darkstone

  • Tiny bit harder than Challenges (random factor)
  • 10x the gold reward as Challenges. (Still low vs PvP)
  • x2-x3 chance for high quality Traitstones
  • Only see around 2-2.5 average Darkstone troops per battle

Challenge Darkstone

  • Slightly easier explore
  • Guaranteed 3 Darkstone troops per battle (C1-2)
  • Base Traitstones chance
  • Absolutely Abysmal Gold

Some players (like me) will put up a defence team of all Darkstone troops this week, so you have a chance of finding some in PVP as well, but over the last couple weeks, I’d say it is maybe 10% of the time that one of my 3 options will fit the event.


Thanks for the advice guys, pretty new to the game so had not done story @darkstone which netted me about 70, moving on to challenges now