Error - losing XP, gold and souls from battles

Before there was a problem in the connection on XBOX ONE that says “There was a problem when trying to contact the server. Please wait a few minutes and restart your game.” and ending up with me losing the souls and gold from the battle, which sucks specially on the last battle of a challenge and losing that 125 souls, but at least I would gain the XP. Well…

Now, instead of this, there is a new message saying: “It seems this battle may already have finished, or that another battle was started. We are returning you to the world map.” and what happens next is that I dont gain the souls from the challenge, the souls from the battle, the gold and even the precious XP.

Really people? Really? An old problem is now even worse? At least before I would gain the XP, but now the battle is just a COMPLETE 100% waste of time with zero reward.

I know its free to play, but when you invest real money, you expect more.

Was this an isolated connection error? Or are you now getting consistent problems with your connection? Connection problems aren’t unique to any platform - they are an unfortunate reality of networking. But they should be rare.

If you have any additional details you can share, that would help us identify any systemic issues.

I wasn’t playing the game for 2 weeks, and played again yesterday, 10/03/2016, and the whole day this problem occurred a few times, certainly wasn’t an isolated situation. Don’t know what others details to give.

Ah, that may explain the issues you were having. Gems of War was experiencing some significant technical issues throughout the day yesterday, which was likely the reason you were having those connectivity issues.

Things should work better now, but please let us know if you continue to experience this issue.