Error - trying to contact the server - losing rewards


Sometimes, there is this error message, saying “there was a problem when trying to contact the server. Please wait a few minutes and restart your game.” Im on Xbox One, and EVERY DAY I got some of these and end up losing gold and souls, and this is specially infuriating when on the last battle of a challenge. I only gain the exp (at least…). I dont even want to imagine the amount I have lost already to dont get sad.

My internet is fine, no other games has this amount of losing connection, if any, so I know this is not on me.

You guys need to improve your serves ASAP if this is the consequence, im loving this game, it was the first time in my life I gave real money on a free to play game, and this is the only problem im seeing, but its a huge one to me.

Everything else its fine and fun, but really, improve your servers… yesterday.


We’ve check there are enough server resources. If connection issue persist then I suggest conecting 505 Game Support here:

As they manage the console versions of the game.


Thank you, im seeing there and sending a ticket.


This issue (on PC/Mobile) has already been logged…and is still open…