Entering store hangs client on Steam + Win10


Since the weekly patch on 12/7, I cannot enter the store without hanging the client with a “Lost connection” dialog box, even though my network connection is just fine. Clicking the retry button repeats the “Lost connection” immediately. It is necessary to alt-TAB out and force-close the client. This also happens automatically whenever the special offer window appars, since that is itself trying to access the store. I can play PvP normally as long as the offer window doesn’t pop up (which happens a >lot< more frequently than it used to). Impossible to purchase this week’s glory weapon since I can’t enter the store.

Same patch on Android, no issues at all.


We did have an issue earlier today but it has been resolved. Is it still occurring?


Yes, it’s still occurring for me. I installed the latest Steam patch this morning, which added the 20th kingdom, and that part seems to work fine, but any attempt to go to the store still hangs the client.


Ok, I’ll let the team know.


So I want you to try something for me:

Can you uninstall and reinstall the game?

Steam Cloud should remember your Hero but if you’re worried about losing progress, I recommend linking your account (more details here: https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/202984335-What-is-Account-Linking-and-how-do-I-do-it-)

The reason I want you to uninstall and reinstall, is in case your version has somehow gotten corrupted). Let me know if it still occurs after reinstalling.


OK, it took a little time, but the re-install solved the problem. Not sure why this would be necessary though, since I am letting Steam do all the updates. The error was specific to the store, all other parts of the game had been working normally all along.


It was probably just something to do with the update process. Maybe a file failed to download or was skipped over while patching. Computers are often finicky and unpredictable, which is why one of the first things normally recommended when it comes programs is uninstalling and reinstalling.

No one’s actually sure why this works, or what caused the issue in the first place, but unless it can be confirmed as a game issue rather than a software issue, devs often won’t know where to start from.

Short story: Computers be loco. :astonished: