Ensoul Trait on Necromancer Class

Has anyone got around to upgrading all the traits on Necromancer for Ensoul? It seems like it would be a decent competitor against the viability of Valkyrie. 36 4x and 5x matches would be max souls, or 23 with a 50% soul troop.

My current build for it is:
Herdmaster ***
Venbarak ***
Keeper of Souls *
Burning Scythe *** (Necromancer, +2 magic)

Also, has anyone tested to see if it happens to work on defend teams?

As per usual I doubt it works on defense, haven’t tried though.

I did upgrade Necromancer traits (before today), however it is no match for Valkyrie. To be honest it should be 2 souls per if it was meant to be competitive, I mean its basically a legendary trait? I had something like 70% of my max souls once… from vsing either 4x Celestasia or some equally annoying stall. Otherwise, it doesn’t come close.

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I am thinking:

Green Slime
Keeper of Souls
Hero - Morthani’s Scythe/Nysha’s Skull (Necromancer, undead)

Abyssal banner to make lack of yellows sting a lot less.

2x Necro traits would take the max down to 12 matches, which both Slime and KoS are guaranteed to get when cast. Even Aziris can get an extra turn if you wait for a long ways skull match, and cast in between it.

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That would work better, but I lack the arcanes for that on Aziris.

Purple traitstone pack 2 will get you 6/8. :wink:

They already got $50 from me for the new armor. They have enough of my money for now. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve had it for about four days and I haven’t noticed any boost on it. Right now am using:

Valkirye ***
Hero/Necromancer - Burning Scythe ***
Giant Spider ***
Venbarak ***

It’s been working okay. Fast but not a 30 second comp most of the time, using Whitehelm banner atm. Previous replacement for Venbarak was KoS.