ENOUGH with the constant Runic Blade in Arena

I enjoy playing arena. What I enjoy the most is the variety of my team based on the random 3 troop selection. I try to vary my team based on troop mana colors, then I usually choose my Hero weapon based on available mana colors left. The result tends to be a varied party and that’s good, keeps the monotony at bay.

1 problem. This is absolutely impossible to do/enjoy when you’re constantly facing a Hero with a Runic Blade as an opponent. Especially if you start playing Warlord II or higher, Runic Blade can one shot kill the majority of your troops (then of course it becomes more powerful.) Runic Blade is BY FAR the most common opponent Hero weapon. Based on my experience, when completing an 8-9 match win, Runic Blade will often account for half of the opponent hero weapons, if not more. BORING. Seriously, there are dozens of Hero weapons, some of which I never see in the arena for an opponent. Let’s mix it up a little.
I also get it. It’s not supposed to be easy, supposed to be very challenging, the Runic Blade makes it very tough for you to achieve 8 wins.

However, there should be balance in place between challenge/diffculty and enjoyment/variety.


Hence to why everyone uses it, don’t expect variety or anything of the sort in the game you won’t see it when people know it’s good/OP they’ll abuse the hell out of it, as boring as it get’s your just gonna have to deal with it.


Until the next nerf…

I also play arena because I enjoy the variety of both my team and the opponent teams. I am sick and tired of facing always the same teams in PVP. So it is a little sad to see so many people using Runic blade.
It is quite understandable, because it is obviously the weapon that grants the easiest and fastet victories currently, but it sometimes lead some people to build quite absurd teams. Whereas there are some other very good weapons.

Same for me.

Agreed. Maybe half of the opponents if not more are using it.
However I am usually playing in Warlord I. So winning against someone who is using a Runic blade is still quite feasible.
And at least there is still a great variety in the 3 other troops. Which is much better than PVP. So Runic blade bothers me a little but doesn’t spoil the fun of arenas for me.

quote=“Yano, post:1, topic:22322”]
However, there should be balance in place between challenge/diffculty and enjoyment/variety.
I wouldn’t mind.
And getting a little more trophies and gold for 8 victories would be great too. :grin:

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Glad to see I’m not the only one who really enjoys selecting a different Hero weapon based on the available mana colors left, which usually allows random/variety.

I have also dropped my Arena runs to Warlord I. I found that at Warlord II opposing teams have a significant advantage (hit points, magic.) I’m well aware that they should but it seems unbalanced in Warlord II.

Welcome to human nature.

Something in this game is always going to be too powerful and everybody will flock to it like flies to dead meat…

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Additionally, even if the game were perfectly balanced, there would still be a “meta” that people would gravitate toward. The thinking is something along the lines of:

  1. Player Y sees Player X is using team N for their defense (or there is discussion on the forums about it);
  2. Player Y believes Player X is much more experienced than Player Y is (or knows something he doesn’t);
  3. Player Y does what Player X does, lest he miss out.

Then Player Z comes along and sees both Player X and Y are using a certain team…and it snowballs until half the players are doing it.

Like you said, welcome to human nature. We’re social animals and find safety in familiarity and group behavior.


What you say would be true if the discussion was about PVP, but it doesn’t apply to arena. There is no defense team here and there can be no meta about teams as the choice is very limited. That is precisely where the interest of arena lies : you have to do the best you can with what you are given.
The only choice the player really has is the weapon.

I don’t think it is a question of having seen X or Y using it. Although there are some very good weapons, Runic blade is unquestionably the weapon with which it is the easiest and the fastest to win.
It is no surprise that many people are using it. And it is no big deal as the 3 other troops of the team are always different. But Runic blade is a little unbalanced compared to other weapons.

Many people have complained about Bone dragon and Courage recently and about many other troops before, and Bone dragon, like many other troops before, has been nerfed.
So why should a similar remark about a weapon should only get some condescending or disillusioned reactions like “welcome to human nature”?

Sorry, it wasn’t my intention to be condescending. Runic Blade is indeed too powerful and it should definitely be nerfed. You just also need to understand that it’s never going to end. They nerfed Bone Dragon and now PVP is overrun with Famine teams. They can nerf Runic Blade. Players will find something else to exploit.


No problem. And I rather agree with you.

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I abuse Runic Blade in Arena and I’m proud of it!
… Arena is slow enough as it is, and I’ll take whatever frigging advantage I can get!
Hey! If you can’t beat the crowd, join them! :wink:


That’s fair. I didn’t mean to dogpile here, either. Apologies.


With a good team, it can be nearly as fast as PVP.
And a good team doesn’t necessarily include Runic blade.

And chances of that are? xx common/rare/ultra rare troop based which ain’t likely to be in our favour.


The most annoying about Runic Blade is : it’s pretty crap in PVP and so damn powerful in Arena.

So I have no good idea how to balance it :frowning:

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Better than you would think obviously.
Sometimes there is no good choice, and the best thing to do is to retreat and pick up another team. But it is infrequent.

I enjoy playing arena when I’m tired of pvp. I will admit to using runic blade since they buffed it. I picked up the Crescendo bundle this week from the store. I would say this weapon is on par with runic blade as far as speed goes.

I hate the arena (ps4) and use the runic blade now. I used to use mang but anything that gets me my 8 wins and 10 gems for completion of that particular daily task as quickly as possible is welcomed here. I have never used bone dragon, manticore, justice and mab to any kind of excess in pvp etc, so i’ll carry on and not feel guilty!

Scale it with stats.