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Reverse Runic Blade buff please

Just played arena… and guess what - everyone is playing Runic Blade… and by that I mean EVERYONE. From out of about 20 or so games in my three arena runs, I think there was two people who didnt have Runic but some other weapon. People are playing Runic even when if messes up their colors, its just that good.

+10 to all stats? Really??? You realize that in arena without any bonuses having +5 attack is really good? And having +10 attack, heal for 20 and have +10 extra damage on next spell cast is just RIDICULOUS…

Arena is completely unplayable right now with this weapon being everywhere.

I take it you don’t have Runic Blade?


As long as the AI uses it the way it does (not focusing on getting the stat boost), I dont mind. But it is indeed far too strong for the arena. But so are some troops.

What annoys me is that summons can now bring legendaries ( I’m looking at you, Aboroth) into the arena.

That’s why the Baby Dragon is a solid pick in the arena ^^ Fully traited TDS or Sylvanimora is a win

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I do have it… I just dont like a gamemode where a single option is always the best option… It makes it super boring.

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I think they buffed Runic Blade specifically to encourage people to play Arena more. I do agree that runic blade is very good (or a bit OP) in arena but I don’t agree if you say that this is the only best option. Some other weapon are also still good in arena. Heavy AoE weapon like burning scythe, creeping death, or black manacles still good in arena. Daemonomicon is also good, especially if you play in Warlord 3 and 4 difficulty since you can summon mythic / legendary daemon with fully traited if you’re lucky (Idk if summoned troops still bug in arena, like dragon egg. Haven’t tried it yet after patch.)
So I don’t agree if arena is unplayable, like you said, because of runic blade got buffed.


Wait, arena summons have traits?

I agree that it’s overpowered for Arena, but it is still beatable. Difficult but beatable. I also agree that people are just throwing it in even when it messes with their mana. You can’t really blame them for doing so though, after all Arena rewards are more comparable now.

I agree that its beatable. And I agree that there are other weapons that are still viable… but the power level of the Runic Blade is just too good. There will always be better and worse options. Especially in arena, but having one option that is ALWAYS available to you (you can always pick the weapon) that is quite OP makes the game mode bad…

For comparison there are some troops that are also extremely powerful in arena (looking at you Lava Elemental), but you wont run into the OP troops every single game cos of the picking…

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This! :slight_smile:

Ye well… ok… but they overdid it.

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They do… or at least they did a week ago. Cant say for sure for now, since I havent played an arena team with a baby dragon in 2.2 yet. But the “huge” trait of Sheggra did work… and most likely still does.

The dragons summoned by Baby Dragon have the traits your dragons have. At least that is how it was for me earlier. I did notice the machine summoner guy (don’t remember his name as I don’t use him) summoned an untraited machine on defense. Twice.

I don’t play arena - but if this is true then it surely needs fixing…

I did not even notice the change until I was looking for a green/yellow weapon in my last arena. Weapon is not as dangerous as a few other weapons when you play against them.

I rather go against Runic Blade then Mang or Black mancles.

Traits do not trigger in Arena.

Like somebody mentioned, AI tends to use runic blade wrongly. I am more in fear of the odd dwarven slayer.

I’ve played arena lately and that Runic blade has been noticed but I had no issues. Just find away to shut the enemy down. Make a different team if need be.

Yes, they do. I had a summoned Sylvanimora fully traited and on a 4/5 match he entangled the first enemy troop.