Worst enemy draw in Arena?

What is the nastiest enemy draw you guys have encountered recently in Arena mode?

On Warlord I;

Can’t recall the enemy common troop
Hero (Runic Blade)
Royal Engineer

I had no chance (Enchantress does Dmg 10 to all, Hero in the 3rd slot, Engineer granting 5 armor to all + summon)

I’ve also encountered Hero (Runic blade) with 2 summoners. Those are probably the worst I’ve personally encountered.

runic blade is cancer of arena


I went for the first time yesterday to try Arena - and well the first team out of the gate was far better in stats than me and had that runic blade. I was wiped out. I had no chance.

It’s hard/frustrating. You have to try and play defence against Runic Blade (try and block mana) or hope that the A.I. picks on your high health troops…

Runic Blade

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Last week, in a very rare Arena game for me, i got this team of enemies:

Runic Blade
Infernal King

Pulled out the win, but it was a little more work than usual.

Next match, AI pulled:

…and i cant remember last one.

Yeah, seems fair to me! Still won, but
Arena blows.

Have they changed Arena since I last played? As far as I recall, Epics and above don’t show up in the lot (or in your opponent’s). How is it possible to encounter IK, Abynissia, Sheggra, Mercy, or Gard, outside of summons?


I’ve been playing Arena for the last 3 weeks on PC/Mobile
(and cursing how the AI hero team keeps mirroring my weapon) selection.

I’ve never come up against a Legendary opponent in Arena, much less a Mythic one.

The draft offers one white Common, one green Rare and a blue Ultra-Rare troop. The AI pulls its team using the same restrictions.

I’m under Level 1000 though. Perhaps the rules change to offer challenge for players of “mythic” stature?

Currently in the Arena, the only what get a Epic+ is with Summoning (Daemonomicon can summon any Daemon), or transform (aka Baby Dragon).

Are the teams you face actually put together by the AI? I was under the impression you were fighting other players’ teams who had played Arena recently.


Doesn’t that amount to the same thing? You’re battling against other players’ draft picks made by the A.I. that they drew when playing Arena.

It also explains why we keep encountering the same weapon sets over and over and over again. I think the AI’s weapon selection ought to be randomized to an Epic or Legendary weapon that doesn’t overlap with the AI’s drafted team pick colours. We have a nice selection of weapons that wouldn’t otherwise see usage, so why not?

Seriously this might introduce a bit more variety in Arena matches, rather than a constant feeling of exasperation.

Not really. If the AI picked the team at random then you wouldn’t see the issue of the same weapon over and over again. I’m not saying that the teams should be randomly picked by the AI but that is definitely not the same thing as teams put together by players from a selection of random cards.


You just argued the exact same point I had made above. Maybe what I wrote lacked clarity though. :confounded:

On second thought, lack of colour overlap would probably… most likely… make the AI unbeatable. So another idea might be to make the randomized weapon into something that the player isn’t currently using which still overlaps at least one team colour.

No idea why i get mythics and legendary in Arena, but it happens. I dont play it enough to have a metric or even vague clue, tbh.