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Enough! Cross account play is a Must

I have invested way too much time & effort into my GOW account to not be able to play on the go with my mobile phone, PC, & Xbox console. The whole game is saved server side so there is zero excuse to why a user of this product is being held back by gaming politics. Cross platform play has been a thing for a while & if Sony is holding this back because they don’t want to participate then so be it & don’t include their platform. I should be able to take my hundreds of hours played across mobile/PC/Xbox & maybe Switch later down the line.

Sony allows cross platform between pc/mobile and themselves just not with Xbox. Don’t know why cross platform isn’t a thing on this game yet :woman_shrugging:

I agree, it’s completely frustrating. Why should I have to lose all my progress just because I change devices? I believe it’s because we can’t do cross console play, but they already have linked accounts for profiles so it doesn’t make sense🤔

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This one’s out of their hands. They’d surely screw it up anyway