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Linking Switch Account

Hey folks. I play GoW on my phone and on Steam. Just noticed yesterday that it was available on Switch so I’ve downloaded it there as well. Normally to link you’d just go to the options screen and use the account tab, but that doesn’t seem to be there on the Switch version. Obviously I’m missing something. Could someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks.

Unfortunately, due to platform restrictions, we can’t offer crossplay on Switch at this point in time.

In other words you have to start from scratch like everybody else if you want to join the fun. :sunglasses:

Its taken me 2.5 years to get this high of a level. (without Deathknight armor.)

I feel like it’s very reasonable to assume, that before anyone gets this high of a level on the Switch version. Cross play will be a thing between Switch, Mobile, and PC.
So my hat is off to anyone who starts from scratch on the Switch.
In my opinion, if you already have an account on mobile/PC at least. Then it’s a waste of time and energy (hopefully not money).
But in essence, regardless of where or how you play. It’s supposed to be fun. So as long as the person is having fun. I guess it can’t be a complete waste.
I love that GoW is on the Switch. And I hope to be able to play GoW on mine once it’s reasonable to do so. :grin:

Maybe the reset is appealing to some members who have /are playing the game on other platforms. This game only came out last week for the Switch. It is nice to start from the ground floor like everyone else.

Don’t want to be salty. But every Dev that doesn’t offer crossplay is talking about “platform restrictions”.
And I always wonder why other games can offer it - using the same platform… :thinking:

Hi, just got the GoW’s switch version. Linking accounts was also my first thought. I find it silly that you can’t crossplay on a game like that, would be great if I could link my mobile account with switch…

So on which platforms allows cross play? PC and Mobile? Are consoles separate?

Steam / Amazon / Google Play / Itunes are all cross platform.

Xbox, PS4, Nintendo are each in their own environment. And the reason is mostly to do with Sony being a giant **** of a company.

Related/unrelated… Sony allowing flash offers now is (hopefully) 1 step closer to us all having cross play.
It can be something as small and dumb as that, that kept the Consoles seperate but equal.
Eventually it’ll be up the devs and all the legal issues will be nullified. At that point… It’s going to be a hard decision. Because either way the devs will be crucified. I don’t envy them if or when that happens.

I’m on Switch GoW and i am glad that there is no crossplay with other systems. We get the weapons that are no longer available to pc/mobile players except through paywall. Since the Switch GoW is only a few months old, it’s much easier for new guilds to thrive and move up the ranks. Also, since the community in the Switch version is much smaller, you get to know players more intimately. There is competition among guilds but there is also cooperation and established guilds willing to help new guilds.
Since we are behind in content, we have the luxery of knowing what opportunities or problems have risen with the new content.

Regardless of cross play.
The Switch players will eventually be on the same schedule as the other platforms. You’ll still be given the same opportunity to get those weapons as the other platforms did on initial release. (As far as I know, and I’m not speaking for the devs in anyway.)
My opinion is based on prior history of Xbox and PS4 moving ahead to be on the same schedule as PC/mobile.