Future Account Link For Consoles

My xbox live friends and myself are really into gems of war on xbox live. Seeing as though many of us spend a lot of time during the week either at school or work we don’t have our xbox with us at all times but would love to progress in the game on breaks and such. I as the guild leader have spent money to help progress the guild along but since my playtime is limited so is my guilds progression. Account link feature would be awesome to incorporate for consoles and mobile, I am sure majority of the community feels the same way. It wouldn’t bother me if the guilds could not be incorporated as long as we could have our same cards we could create a mobile guild but spending the amount of money we have spent on xbox to get to that level on the mobile would basically be asking us to spend double the amount of money which is not really reasonable.


Consoles are not separate from PC/Mobile by choice but because it’s not possible to link the servers together.

This is also why the PS4 and XB1 are separated, they are incapable of being linked by any present means.

If you do not wish to spend money, just don’t. Gems of War is actually surprisingly lax in regards to progression, so whether you pay to speed it up slightly is entirely your choice.

I understand spending my money is my choice. I was not complaining about spending money. What i was saying however is that it would be an awesome feature to add which is why i added this to the feature requests page. Aside from it being the same company that developed the game and seemingly same UI I will admit I have no idea how the servers work. Looking at some of other games on live and mobile versions have been compatible but again if its not possible its not possible. Theres no need for the passive aggressive response especially to someone currently supporting your xbox game and mobile app. My post was not to imply that your company was trying to purposely have anyone spend more money but to simply ask if its in the works for future patches. I do however appreciate the fast response and answering my question.

Thank you

I think what he’s trying to say is that the issue is not Technical-related, but Legal-based. There are rights and ownership issues across PS4 and Xbox1 Server platforms. Asking GoW to link them to together is basically asking Microsoft and Sony to play nice with each other. This is in-theory possible, but not a probable action for a 3rd party game company to demand.

What you COULD do is to just chuck the Console games completely and join the big boys here at PC/Mobile. Just start a new account while it’s still not too late. We get all the latest updates, fast support response, and, according to what I’ve been reading, much much much fewer bugs and errors. Also, you’re still stuck in the 1.0.6 version… and I gotta be honest with you, you don’t know what you’re missing in the 1.0.7…

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I’m not actually affiliated with the GoW staff in anyway, nor was I being passive-aggressive.
Though when you’ve been on the internet too long, everything sure comes off as such, must be programmed into our brains or something.

I’m merely someone trying to help instruct you in why certain things are not able to happen.

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While I can’t speak for xbone owners, ps4 and pc players can enjoy ff14 together. So no its not an impossibility. But as it would likely require the game company to run their own dedicated server which accepts all devices it’s probably more a technical or cost issue

There certainly has been exceptions over the years but in this case it’s not possible. If it changes though, we’ll be shouting all about it :slight_smile:

If they wanted to play with the old school crowd could they somehow as a one time thing have their profile brought over through contacting support? Just curious.