PS4 moves forward with crossplay! What does that mean for the future of GoW accounts? What would y'all like to happen?

Now that Sony is moving forward to allow cosplay, I would love to see crossplayability for GoW accounts. Maybe an option to choose an account to merge with other owned accounts from multiple devices, even if that meant one account devours or destroys the other, as long as it would let me play my console account on a smart device or computer. What do y’all think?

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I’ll be really surprised if it happens at all. It’d be a lot of dev work and players would have to make a lot of decisions they won’t be happy about.

The account merging is not so bad as figuring out what to do with guilds. Does a guild give up all their trophies and sentinel progress just to be all on one platform? What if not all of the members want to be on that platform? Etc.

I can’t fathom how it could do anything but create drama.

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Yep I want to be able to play my PS4 account on my phone :slight_smile:

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I second this—if I could play a few PVP fights here and there while I waited for things like the train, I’d be pretty chuffed :slight_smile:

Crossplay is something we would love to consider, but there are a number of issues and limitations that come along with it.

Would it mean that the leaderboards are merged? A lot of PS4 players would see this as unfair, as the PC/Mobile players have been able to play for longer, get more troops, and earn more trophies before the console build of the game was released. Would guilds then be open to players across both platforms as well?

And if people would prefer a companion app as such, where they can just play PVP (etc) but not participate in guild events, that would lead to a huge investment of time on our behalf with very little potential gain.

There’s a lot of moving parts that go into true crossplay that need to be considered. On top of all of this, players that can’t use crossplay will complain, and even though some players will be satisfied, those that play on Xbox or the Switch will be unsatisfied. Just wanted to leave you all with some things to think about. It’s something that we are interested in doing, but there would have to be a lot of thought and planning going into it, and not everyone will be satisfied with any of our solutions.


I like my Xbox environment and don’t want to play with those android/apple/amazon/steam players.

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I would not mind seeing a GW playoff where the top GW guilds from all platforms play each other. Not sure if that would be top 5 or maybe all of B1 but I think it would be cool to see what is what. :sunglasses:

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I know developing a game, and wishing for a particular function are hardly one and the same. But what if there were mobile versions made separately to support console players. A Gems of War PS4 app that would allow PS4 accounts to play on the mobile while not being part of the current Gems of War mobile account. You could have GoWPS4, GoWSwitch, and GoWXB1. Each app linked and exclusive to the consoles they bear. Then the leaderboard wouldn’t have to be adjusted. I’m not a developer, and to me this sounds like wishful, overly ambitious thinking. But, I reaaaally wish I could play my PS4 account when I’m not around my PS4.

Also, I know you can’t make everyone happy, it’s pretty evident in the forums alone ^_~. I’ve always been a “where there’s a will there’s a way” kinda guy, but have also had “wish in one had, poop in the other” moments in life. I understand if the work that would go into it is unreasonable and not worth it from a business perspective. It’s just what I wish I could do as a consumer.

Fingers crossed that one day it’ll be a reality. Maybe in GoW2.

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All I want is to be able to play my Xbox account on my phone. I would even pay for the app if it was created.

Who cares about leaderboard ranks? I would fully support merging the leaderboards if it meant I could play my PS4 account on my phone. Let Guild Wars sort out which guilds are the top. :wink:

It wouldn’t just be the Leaderboards that would be a problem, it would be the invite codes also?

Not sure how Guild War seeding would Work if they combined guild wars.

They’d definitely need to do some sort of March Madness battle-royale style.

One-on-one match ups for 30 days straight would sort people out for initial placements, I think :rofl:

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Make it happen, the console community are the ones playing catch up each time!
The pc community can get all kind of codes for great stuff and we are like the stepchild of the GOW community.


If we combine all the codes go away most likely.
Oh and that’s not the devs fault… That’s your platforms fault.
Valve, Amazon, Google and Apple don’t care about the redeem codes.
Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo evidently feel differently.

They may as well just go away then. That’s my two cents.

Here’s a secret about the codes:

If you play just 1 Explore match you usually get more than a code redeems for. It’s a $45 value!


It’s only Sony as far as I’m aware.

Sony has always been a stick in the mud.

I don’t think it is necessary to allow crossplay between consoles and PC (but that would be fine if its possible), but I think all players would benefit from being able to play on their home system and also being able to play on mobile.

You would still have 4 separate servers: PC, PS4, Switch, XBox (alphabetical to avoid favouritism, lol), but mobile play would be available to everyone.

Also, if crossplay is not possible, is it (or could it) be possible for a player to migrate from one platform to another?

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