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Any new chances to link accounts with pc / mobile

I am aware that this was asked before on 2017 and I read the answer but, since that time we saw many consoles sharing progress accounts withing other systems like in games as Rocket League, Fortnite/
I believe that PS4 will be harder than Xbox One but, it would be great if we will be able to sync them. I usually play GoW on the go when travelling to / from work on the metro and I also play on my couch with the console but, over time I progressed more with Android due natural touch controls and having to move on the trigger or digital for anything it became a chore and slower.
Basically I am level 430 on Android / PC and 155 on Xbox. I would like to have the same account progress on both. I am sure I am not the only one and knowing that there are more examples of Console companies linking things it would be great.
Keep in mind in 2018 we saw Minecraft login with MS account into a Nintendo Switch and getting achievements, Fortnite with linked accounts in every device minus PS4 and much more. It would be great.

They’ve said no to this multiple times because of all of the deals that would have to be worked out with the stubborn console companies.

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The console companies have tough policies regarding cross plataform games/accounts and such. They don’t even allow redeem codes for free bonus stuff.

Thanks for the answers but I don’t really give up. I really hope at some point this could work.

Perhaps tweet Phil Spencer head of xbox as he seems to be the one championing cross play