Cross Progression

I would do ANYTHING to be able to play my mobile account on my Xbox with a controller on my 50 inch screen. So much more comfy for me than using my phone, in this day and age its something alot of companies are doing and I’d love to hear if the team plans to add this once the switch version has caught up?

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Does your phone have the abilty to “cast” your screen onto another device? (And can your TV receive it?)


No it doesn’t as far as I’m aware. Honestly I just want to be able to play on xbox. They just need to make something like a 505 games account and then you log into that on your platform of choice. Cross progression should have been added a long time ago, recently they have really been pushing battle passes so they should have money to do it, it would benefit the game I would think. I know a couple friends that want to be able to play on their xbox and mobile as well.

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What legal reason? Games open up cross progression all the time.

Gems of War doesn’t have the clout of Fortnite and the like :man_shrugging:

If your phone has OTG support, you may well be able to plug an Xbox controller into your phone with the right adapter and then cast it to a TV screen as mentioned before.

I was looking into it, but my phone turned out not to have the OTG support it was meant to (I think due to being a different region’s model than the one it was advertised as…). Can agree it would make for more comfy playing if it worked.

Can’t help you on the cross play front any more than what’s already been mentioned.