Xbox getting cross platform with android / ios

So in future we’ll be finaly able to link xbox to mobile account! Sorry ps4 :frowning:

This is still pretty confusing from a GoW standpoint.

Let’s say you’re in an XBox guild in bracket 1. How does that transfer over to PC? Do you start over in the bottom bracket? That’s not really fair. Does your score carry across? That’s not fair either. So do you have to disband your XBox Guild and start over? That’s not really fun or fair.

I think a lot of other problems can be resolved but the biggest elephant in the room is that there’s no way to merge two shards’ guilds without making practically everyone angry.

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Not to mention all the event leaderboards are already competitive enough

Cross play will never happen with Xbox and PC/mobile.

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I think the news is that this will become possible, but it’s up to the developer/publisher to decide to enable it for their game or not. Until there’s an announcement from IP2 or 505 on this, I would curb my expectations.

(I had no idea that slashdot still existed!)


Ill be able to play my xbox gems game via my phone id expect. So i would only see and play with other ‘xbox players’ on my phone because it will be linked to xbox account.

Shouldnt be too hard, not much more than pointing your phone to connect to the xbox gems database instead of mobile.

In theory of course.

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Well, i expect it to never happen but its at least possible. So we’ve one more thing to complain about :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What would you do without complaining? :stuck_out_tongue:

Dibs on @TheIdleOne if @UKresistance gets his wish and y’all assimilate over to PC/mobile. :grinning:

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No love for @Fleg ? I understand why you wouldn’t steal ricky lol

Not join mobile/steam environment but connect to xbox environment with mobile.

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Thought he was on PS for some reason.
I don’t see platform…
Only color gems.

I understand that eventually there will be that capability.
But in regards to GoW, it doesn’t make sense to code it so you can play on your phone with the Xbox account. As far as right now.
But, I heard that the Switch will be Nintendo’s last console. While Xbox isn’t going to get into the hand held business directly. But I can definitely see Nintendo and Xbox partnering up.
Nintendo would provide a hand held that allows folks to stream games that will actually be played on the next gen Xbox.
Nintendo would continue to publish games for the Xbox and Mobile platforms.
Sony will be left wishing it played well with others.

Ios, android, and steam all point to the same GoW instance. I bet 90% of the ‘work’ is changing a port number.

The decision will be up to 505, not Microsoft, so I stand firm with my dream crashing stance. Lol

If this lets me collect tribute on my phone while not having to stop playing a REAL game on the console I’m all for it and can’t wait.


The Xbox envirobment prohibits the use of the same account on two different consoles. The only way it works is 360/X1, 360/App, or X1/App.

So you probably won’t be able to play something else and collect tribute every hour, most likely only if your X1 is turned off.
Which still lets us collect tribute and participate in pet rescues while being at work or elsewhere.

If Microsoft lets the user do 360/X1, then I don’t see why X1/ios would be out of the question.

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360/X1 is different as you don’t play the exact same game.
If they’d allow cross-play at the same time, multiple people could grind trophies etc. to the same profile.
Which leads to the question if this works for mobile/pc accounts?!

No it doesnt.
I can login to x360 and x1 at same time. Im also logged into phone and pc xbox app now.

You can only be logged into gow from a single profile at a time. Logging in via steam will kick you off if already logged in via mobile.

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