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Endless Explore able to make a return

As title say’s really would there be a way to return endless explore whilst still keeping the current version of explore ingame aswell, so can select difficulty of it or just have it as it was which was probably Difficulty 1 or 2? An we can just mash our A, X or left mouse buttons to get straight into the next battle for just in general relaxation and chill or simply put just farm exp easier without having to select difficulty etc.

Personaly I wouldn’t count it will happen, ole version of explore used legacy difficulty setting which was eradicated from the game itself with Arena rework… Doubt if DEVs will be reusing that code again…

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Plus it would result in a higher average of gnome spawns, and by extension possible Mana Surge gnomes, and more gnomeeapaloozas, which means even MORE resources you won’t need to buy.

And we can’t have that, now can we?

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Well since gnome’s don’t appear in delves probably would be easier for them to make it so they don’t appear in this mode too.

That would literally kill most of the current interest this game has going. It would be borderline suicidal for a game to kill off one of its main gameplay time pits, because that means they have no reason to play the game and become customers to the in game shop.

There is zero chance of this happening because they introduced the current version to slow players down - to protect the economy.

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Screw the economy, let us farm

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