End the constant skull storm


I’m gonna say it again:

You guys are playing the hardest possible game modes where even a slight turn of luck results in instant disaster. If we’re talking about Delve, then it’s also sigil-based, so you only get 3 chances per day and in events you have to spend a lot of gems to even get caught up.

This is like cognitive bias Christmasland. If you have bad luck 1 time, that’s 33% of your attempts on a given day. 2 times is 66%. 3 times is 100%. I feel like combined with the level of stats involved, that means on a given day you’re probably at least 50% likely to be pissed off.

Compare this to my last 2 weeks: I ground the hell out of PvP and pushed Thief from the low 60s to level 100. I played like 300 PvP matches last week. My normal average is more like 150. I have seen absolutely nothing unexpected in the ~450 matches I’ve played in the past 2 weeks.

Meanwhile we’ve got a raid that features a Godslayer that actually kicks butt, and it seems like we don’t have the slew of complaints that the Raid is rigged we normally do. What a coincidence, right? It’s funny how when on average you can contemplate killing Zuul’goth turn 3 it’s suddenly not “a skull storm”, right?


“Delve stats exaggerate small differences in luck” != “sooper seekrit conspiracy”.


Now can I complain about the constant skull storm? Now that I don’t benefit either way from the change?
(I’ll do a perfect run tomorrow, can’t blame the devs for a 100 true damage troops).

@Maiq, I was able to have success with my team still. But did try your advice about moving Irongut to the 4th position instead of the 3rd and it worked a lot better. Thanks.
@Neritar and @jzg I’m sure Sylv would’ve also had success. But the plus side of TPK was the ability to transform an Impervious troop into something I could eat right up. That in addition to speed of matches makes me favor my current build.
I do appreciate the constructive advice though instead of “constructive” criticizing from someone that doesn’t know what they are talking about. :grinning:


I, for one, cannot say I’m seeing enough skulls to call it a storm.
Did level 500 Sea of Sorrow a few days ago, now playing 400+ Primal Rift, yet I don’t see anything out of the ordinary. I did lose some games due to skulls from the sky, but that has always been the case - subjectively I feel no increase in numbers.
Maybe I’m just lucky, I don’t know for sure.


Maybe you should’ve turned off Holiday Gems. Everyone knows that causes a permanent skull storm. You could’ve posted your screenshot sooner if you’d have done it!

(What I mean is you opened the thread with the premise that you were losing, therefore there must be a bug in the game creating too many skulls for the CPU. You went on for a while about it, and any “it was a joke” argument is hard to buy considering it’s the third time you’ve claimed the game is broken because you’re trying to do something really hard that a lot of other people did but you’re losing so something must be wrong.

Then some of those people gave you a little bit of team advice.

After that, since you won, you declared it proof the game was broken even though you ignored the team advice and kept using the original team.

Maybe that’s just your style. Instead of “Gee whiz, I’m having really bad luck!” something deep within you makes you have to say, “Believe me when I say, I am the best at Gems of War, the best. Ask anyone, they’ll tell you I’m the best. But since this game mode is broken, I can’t show you I’m the best. When Sirrian makes a compromise and puts the game how it should be, I’ll win and show you I’m the best. It’s out of my hands. It’s totally Sirrian.”


I’m gonna decline reading your novel and just assume your answer is “no” I still can’t complain. Fair enough. :+1:


You don’t need my permission to complain. I just wish when you get tilted you didn’t leap to “something is broken and I need a dev to specifically state it’s broken”.

Rant threads are cathartic, but it’s funnier to pick a random deity than suggest there are multiple RNG algorithms and one is tuned specifically to screw you over. It’s actually more likely Loki did it, and there’s a higher potential for memes.


cough, cough
(As expected)


Congratulations, you are the número uno




It went away for a bit, but now seems to be back. Just in time for guild wars. :+1: