End Game Contents?

I believe there are more and more players who have now maxed out, or close to max out, all of the available cities.
My question is: Are there any immediate plans to address End Game contents?

Frankly, at this point, Soul accumulation no longer has any relevance, and we’re just watching our Keys piling up until new Kingdoms become available (not to mention the thought of dragging those 200+ keys one at a time is grueling enough to be discouraging…). The game kinda goes downhill fairly fast from here. Since there’s not much to do except to 1) level up and 2) collect trophies for guild just for the vanity of climbing that rewardless ranking.

Could we at least have new options to spend our Soul points? Perhaps an extra feature in the Guild where we can commit our Soul points into? Or allow us to throw our excess Cards into the guild for … say… army-building purposes?

Not really asking for much, just give us something that can keep our attention while waiting for the new patches.

Not really asking for much, just give us something that can keep our attention while waiting for the new patches.

Asking for end game content and saying it’s something to wait inbetween patches don’t go hand in hand.
Developing end game content is something that actually takes time, and if they were to release that kind of new content, it would most probably NOT be thrown in quickly while they’re developing new kingdoms or other mini-games and the likes. That just makes no sense.
There have already been quite a lot of suggestions made by players about new content (some about the soul surplus as well, and you’re welcome to add your own ideas or discuss the existing ones), but implementing needs time. You have to design it, code it, test it, re-code and re-test until it’s right, make new art, create the texts, translate them, implement the whole thing, think you’re fine, and at that time new wild bugs appear, so you’re back to the testing and recoding to make sure it all fits. Especially since we’re talking about a game crossing over several platforms, so the coding and testing part is probably pretty long and full of unexpected bugs.
And the company that produces Gems of War isn’t as big as something like Ubisoft or Blizzard, so I’m pretty sure it actually takes longer to implement new content, seeing as you don’t have dozens of beta-testers and hundreds of programers at your disposal at any time.
I’m amazed at how people think it can be done inbetween two lunches like it’s no big deal.
I don’t mean to sound unpleasant, because I understand where you’re coming from, and I also look forward to new content added to the game. But come on, it’s a match-3, just have fun or play something else while waiting for the next patch and / or kingdom. I know a lot of us do. :slight_smile:


I thought some endgame stuff was supposed to be in 1.0.7, in which case waiting for patches and waiting for endgame stuff would be the same thing.

I was just throwing possible ideas out. I like the current Guild feature that give us an Outlet for our Gold.
I would just like to see more possible expansion in the Soul or Trophy direction. It’ll at least give us more sense of achievement in the game.