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For who's made your content?

Hi all, I’m pretty new to the game (lvl 130) and I’m wondering for who is made the content of this game… So as soon as I entered the game I was offered a starting pack with an epic card and some good and some other stuff then I even bought the 100% to souls money and xp armor but all that is useless because I want to help my guild in invasions? He’ll no by the time you try to attack the first tower my 4500 power team it’s overwhelmed by ridiculous stats on the enemy, you want a pet? He’ll no by the time you try the second fight they have 3 times your stats and are all mythical lvl 30, you want to try to craft yourself a legendary? Hell no the bosses to get diamonds are ridiculously unfair for people who’s not like lvl 800. Most of the times I find myself doing the only thing fair in this game. Arena. Where I actually end it most of the times perfect but that’s it! The entire game is locked to me So you do content for veteran players? Let me give you a hint, they have all the cards in the game, many copies of them in fact and they won’t spend 70€ like I did and most of them don’t even need to use the forge like we low players do because we have trash cards, they don’t.

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Shadow, as a newer player, you need to go as far as you can and not waste resources trying to go beyond your level range. Raids and invasions are end game content, sure, they can be done by any guild, but finishing them isn’t meant for low level people. If a 130 could blow through all the content, what would the game be like for lv 1000+ people? It’s a matter of growth and patience. If you enjoy the game, you’ll reach end game, but like all of us end game players, you have to play and grow in early/mid game first.

You get rewards for going as far as you can, it doesn’t hurt you to do the modes. But you need to grow and level and work towards end game, before worrying about blowing through all the content that even some of us end game players can find challenging.


There are plenty of things to be done before you can challenge Dungeons. You should complete all the kingom’s quests and challenges, farm traitstones to unlock traits in your troops, play PVP to get glory and Ingots while gaining XP on the classes your hero can use.

All of this will help you to get better and have a better understanding of many things in the game.


It’s good that you want to participate in various events: guild and personal. Just don’t try everything at once. At your level, as Razzagor correctly tells, you’d better to finish all quests in all kingdoms, develop all your kingdoms and do whatever you’d like and able. Use stuff coming from the guild wisely.


Sure, I agree there must be content for end game players but it seems to me that forge is late game, pets are late game, invasions are late game. So you’re forced to PvP endlessly and farm for traitstones and gold to upgrade empires.

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Yes, isn’t it funny? You also need to farm souls.

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No, you can do raids and invasions, class and pet events, but stop when the battles become too hard. You still get rewards, even if you can’t finish closing all portals, or defeating all eight pet battles. Dungeon too, go as far as you can, until you get stronger. I’ve been playing for about seventeen months, and it took me a long time to get to where I am.

I am in an awesome guild, with an incredible GM, incredible guild-mates that I respect and appreciate, but I earned my right to be here by doing explore, by leveling my kingdoms, by opening chests and ascending my troops… It sounds like you want it all without the time and effort it took others… I might be wrong about that, but it all comes down to growing and becoming more powerful. You have orbs, you have classes to level, ingots to get to level weapons, kingdoms to upgrade, quests to do and complete, weapons you’ll unlock by leveling up masteries, you have a ton of content to look forward to…

I wish you the best and I hope you understand my point. It’s like logging into World of Warcraft, getting lv 100, and demanding to be at end game, and getting to do end-game raids with all the rewards. Even with the character boosts in wow, you still have to upgrade your armor and lots of other things before doing end-game content…

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No one makes content for veteran players in an F2P unless it’s the kind where you have to pay to stay at the top. This is the circle of F2P life:

  1. Player is new. The game offers quick advancements so they feel sunken costs quickly.
  2. Player hits a paywall and spends some money to get over it.
  3. Progress slows to a crawl, paywalls get closer together.
  4. Eventually, the player decides they’ve spent enough money and stops spending.
  5. Paywalls are so high and frustrating the player ragequits.
  6. Player starts playing another game by the same company. GOTO 1.

It’s easiest to get money from players who don’t have everything. It’s easier to get new players than keep old players. So most F2P games are designed to hook you, extract some dollars, then get you to leave ASAP. The only F2P games designed to keep you hooked forever are things like Candy Crush, where variety isn’t the main premise.

GoW is a very slow F2P game. Every dollar you spend makes the last dollar worse. I’ve always felt like it ought to have some cosmetic items. Those tend to make older players happy and aren’t expensive.

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I don’t have to pay anything to be where I am, not sure why you would say that… I play as much, and as often as I like, and I do not have to spend a dime…

Consider this: If you were able to finish the dungeons earlier and you ended up using your diamonds on some legendaries that you could open in chests as you play the game you would be sort of wasting your diamonds. I say sort of because there are legendaries that are very worth of the investiment.

Also it doesn’t need to be an endless grind until you can beat the dungeons, but you’ll need to get better stats and troops for it. With a decent amount of dedication¹ i think you can beat the dungeons with three dedicated teams and around Hero level 400 or so.

¹ Dedication is not the same as playing/grinding mindlessly. You can ask for suggestions about strong teams in the forums, check for future releases to know when some specific Traitstones will be available in the glory shop so you don’t waste time farming too many of them, so instead you can farm other specific ones that are far away from being available. Also knowing which kingdoms are next in weekly events you can decide if you must try your luck with event keys for certain Legendaries and Epics.

Don’t get me wrong, Gems of War is an easy game, but it doesn’t means it’s easy to master it. You’ll probably need help figuring a lot of stuff, so ask. There are plenty of people willing to help out. :slightly_smiling_face:


GOW is not a heavily P2W game which I like the best. It’s not fast game, let it run 2~3 months, play 2 or 3 hr a day. Find a guild Follow the advice to level kingdom. You will get the reward then. I know what your feeling when saw 70+ status in enemy troop. You will beat them. I used to only be able beat 1st Dungeon boss. Now finish 3 all in 3 minutes. I’d say the most enjoyable part of the game is you see your growth with the time spending on game.


I’m over level 1500. What do you think I did when I first started almost 4 years ago?

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GoW is a grinder. Unless that is your style of game play, it’s better to find a different game that suits you as early as possible. You will not be competitive and will not be able to progress far in the events for months.

Looking at a game like Animation Throwdown, you won’t EVER be competitive there. That F2P game requires a ton of money regardless of how long you play. Gems is quite reasonable to its F2P players without having a P2W option.

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Back then we had nothing but PvP, Arena, and Challenges! And we liked it!
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I want to revise at least some of my cynicism towards an alternate view.

GoW is a grind. That’s any RPG and particularly F2P games with RPG elements. Making progress can unlock new content, and that’s part of the motivations. The first time you finish all of the dungeons feels great. The first time you beat a pet rescue feels great. But “that first time” can only happen so many times.

It’s also true it takes a lot of resources to get by. You need gold, souls, traitstones, gems, diamonds, ingots, and probably more stuff I’ve forgotten. It only takes a month or so to quit caring about gold. But I’m a year in and I still need traitstones/souls, even though I have all the troops I want. I constantly need and spend gems to help me get those things. But eventually, I’ll finish with traitstones. What’ll I do then?

Spending money gets you there faster, so meh.

So in a roundabout way, what I mean to say is the point of GoW is the friends we make along the way. At heart, I want it to be how it is because grinding out some games in a waiting room is an OK way to pass time. I can’t play the “fun” games like Invasions in those circumstances, because sigils are precious. Those games are stressful and I have to care. But in PvP/Explore, I don’t. Anyway, in the end, I’m doing the same thing today I did a year ago when I started. But the real fun is talking to people and shooting the bull. We don’t even always talk about GoW. But we met because of GoW.

That’s the prize.

It would be nice to see a level recommendation in this game now with all the new content and content to come. When I first started I avoided PvP, which I was wise to do so. Just focused on challenges and quests.
But now I too would be frustrated if I opened Invasions and spent 200 gems just to barely make it out of stage 1. PvP is locked until level 10? And the arena is locked until you finish the Broken Spire quests. I’m unaware of any locks against Raids or Invasions.


Either buy stuff to grind PVP with, or grind PVP until you get the resources needed to get stuff to… grind PVP with.

EDIT: Before that though, do kingdom quests so that your troops can be at a decent enough level to… grind PVP with.

Second edit: Invasions/Raids are pay to play/win for all levels. Avoid them.

28 free sigils a week, by Sunday that’s 840 across thirty people. Should be enough to close all portals, I would assume. Pay to win? I think you need to look up what pay to win means…

Even if a guild isn’t strong enough to close all portals, they are given enough free sigils over seven days to participate and close some, without spending any money, or gems if they don’t want to.

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Eh I’m not crunching the numbers, but when the features were announced the devs made it clear they expected the entire clan to buy up to a certain tier and some individuals to go beyond that one.

There was a lot of grumbling at the time, but even then the math held up an endgame player in an active guild would get more than enough gems passively to cover it.

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