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What with the surplus of souls?

Maybe it would be a good idea to give end-players the means to do something with the surplus of souls.
For the moment I already have more then 4000000 of them and the number is rising, that is not counting the number of souls I can create by disenchanting the surplus troops (approx another 400000).
So here is my suggestion: either make it possible to trade them with guildmembers or give them a feature to craft some juwels or gems with them. Or ingots…


Their answer to that was the Soulforge, especially, Dawnbringer. If you already have that and all the other weapons and such, then I don’t know what to tell you.

There has been talks of other Mythic weapons, but I know they wanted to fix the DB in Arena issue first. It seems to me that they have done that, so, who knows? Another Mythic Weapon might be right around the corner that can make good use of your souls.

First-Gems problems.


This is a very endgame problem and I don’t think there’s a good solution that doesn’t also create a “rich get richer” scenario or make it harder for “young” players to catch up.

Gold definitely has sinks in the forms of guild tasks. It’s the first currency you “stop caring” about. Once you level all your kingdoms, the only real use a player has for gold is guild tasks.

Souls take a LOT longer to reach that point. Just getting all kingdoms to 5 stars takes a few months. Farming for Dawnbringer and Xathenos takes a while longer. Then you need ~1.3m and increasing more to finish leveling all of the troops. After that, it’s easy to profit souls because you only need to level the 2-3 troops that release each week, and new kingdom releases are rare enough you hoard “enough”.

All I can think of is something like guild tasks for souls, but it’s a toughie. It takes a “short” amount of time for a new player to spend the gold they “need”. It takes a much longer amount of time to reach the soul threshold. So if there were soul-based guild tasks, there’d be increased pressure on mid-game players to abandon goals like Dawnbringer in favor of helping their guild. It’s already tough to convince newbies to spend their gold on kingdoms, not LTs.

Right now I’m OK with it. Getting to “I don’t need to farm souls anymore” is a very endgamey moment, and it feels good to be there.


I’m just being pedantic and otherwise agree with everything that you said, but I think Major Traitstones are the first currency you can “stop caring about.”

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I wanted to disagree but you’re right. I’m actually surprised to find I’m 1 major magic traitstone away from being “done” with majors entirely, and I have 1,200 surplus majors across the other colors. However:

  • I need minors/runics/arcanes to accomplish “trait all troops”, and I’m very far from finishing the other categories. (More simply: I can’t spend “just majors” like I can with souls.)
  • Majors look like they can be converted to minors and runics, so every “extra” major counts as some fraction of a minor or runic. Which costs souls.

It’s hard to estimate if I’d run out of one before the other, but yeah we’re also really diverging.





They should create some cosmetic only things that can only be crafted like troop skins or something. Some more hero armor or a bodybuilder-like version of peasant etc.


I’d like to propose a new minigame called “Soul Survivor”. You could pay out a number of souls (herein referred to as “n”), as little as 5 and as many as 1000, then choose a card from three randomly selected ones, just like arena, but you only get one card. You then take that card into a one on one fight. Beat the first opponent and get n/5 gold and immediately go into a second fight with a tougher opponent. Beating that opponent gets you an additional 2n/5 gold. The rewards could scale up with each fight to offer glory, keys and maybe even gems when you bump up against the level cap.

I figure it relies on existing mechanics, so it wouldn’t take a lot of extra development, and there’s an interesting element of “sweet, I can use this card” or “damn, I guess I have to pick this one”.


Oh, my God, I would love that. I’m a sucker for cosmetic stuff. Honestly, I’m hoping the add a Dark Elf avatar one day. I would actually pay real money for that.

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I love the idea of a trading system within your guild, that would help out a lot of the lower lvl people.

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I do too. I have multi copies of mythics I’m never going to use and what you get for disenchanting them is a pittance. I would rather give them to a player than could use them.

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Yeah and a lower player may have two copies of a troop the higher player doesn’t have.

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Piker? Why? Regarding the number of souls you have you should be glad if there would be something use-full to do with them.

@WWDiver It was a joke. Sorry you missed it.

Aha, well the idea still is good I think…