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Emperor's New OP Groove

So… Maw was nerfed and then…
Enter the Emperor

While I like his spell at the current cost of 14, he does entirely too much.

For only 14 mana he does:
GOOD True Damage
FULL Mana Drain
Removes all Traits from the first 2 troops

Here are some suggestions to get the ball rolling

  1. Reduce true dmg so it is a nice perk not a reliable dmg dealer.

  2. Reduce mana by 5 instead of drain

  3. Keep it as is but only on first troop or select a troop

  4. Keep as is and increase to cost to 18-24

Well let the new OP convo begin!
I really like the card but I think 14 is just way too cheap!
What’s your take?


Personally I think he’s fine and doesn’t deserve a nerf.

But only time will tell.

The only really annoying part about him is the mana drain. But there are a lot of other troops that mana drain. Some just as well if not better than he can. His stun is easily countered with a cleanse.

If his costs go up it should be by 1 or 2


Give him time, he is new and needs to settle in. He is like maw, only as good as his support crew.


Since I’m apparently making $100 bets tonight: $100 says as soon as the next Bl/Br troop appears for glory, the Emperor’s use is going to explode (assuming he doesn’t get nerfed first).

I don’t think this will be as bad as Maw since he lacks the RNG piece that really frustrates players, but this seems like a very similar situation in that his power hasn’t become apparently only b/c most players aren’t able to easily trait him up yet.

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Just like maw was thrown to the wayside but then gained explosive popularity. (even though it took forever while mercy was out)

Every kingdom since Blighted Lands has had a powerful legendary. There is no suprise here.


It’s possible that the devs haven’t pinned down a good mana value for stun, since it’s a new effect, but I don’t think true damage and stun have a lot of synergy. The true damage is pretty close to Crimson Bat, just across two enemies instead of four, which arguably makes it more powerful in some cases. The devs have said that they value the Bat’s healing quite a bit though. It does seem like they don’t value mana drain very much, or very consistently, in the spell costs. His spell is very good, but I’m not sure it’s out of line for a legendary.

@Studs, while the Emperor does have some nice traits, he looks like he’d still be very powerful in the middle of the lineup without them. The traits just make him a good front-line. Hard to tell how to value the random stun, particularly in combination with his spell.

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Mana draining the first two enemies in addition to hefty true damage should be worth at least 16-17 mana. Those enemies are the ones likely to be priority troops to fill.

Sole ‘saving grace’ so to speak is that the stun is redundant with his legendary trait.


I agree the spell seems a bit strong for the cost.

I disagree that it’s gonna be causing any maw-style issues with the meta.


I like Emperor. He is very tasty.


No nerf needed for him, hes a perfect standard for what a Legendary should be like. Rather focus getting some of the medicore Legendaries up to this standard. I now see at least 4 Legendary about the same quality: Maw, Mab, Bone Dragon and Emperor. I probably forgot some as well, but the standard is very nice and fair to the Legendaries.


Legendaries should be powerful, I mean they are the bosses in this game. I have yet to face the Emperor in battle, so I’ll keep my opinion unitl then for myself.


Like chicken?

More like bacon and eggs ^^

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I’ve faced him in battle. I’ve beat him.

He’s not OP.

Able to be beat is not the basis for determining something’s strength. Everything can be beat, but that doesn’t mean that there are certain troops that are disproportionately strong. We’ll see what happens as more people trait him up, but I’m pretty confident he’ll see a lot of play. The combo of drain & stun makes him able to shut down any comp.

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I was coming on here to say something similar, Emperor and Manticore are entirely undercosted for their spells. Stun is the ultimate answer to almost every comp. I feel Manticore is even more OP, what does his spell cost, 9? The nerfs/adjustments to Maw and Mab, coupled with a host of new traits and rebalanced troops seem to have simply magnified the affect of those two troops. Stun is very strong, effectively neutralizing most troops for an incredibly small cost.

Yeah, I think this speaks to the larger issue of the “counters not buffs” approach. It ends up that really strong counters are introduced, which don’t directly address the issue, then eventually a nerf/rework happens yet the original counter remains. Definitely suggests power creep, which is not what we want to see.

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Let’s just make every card exactly the same, then it will be completely balanced and fair. :slight_frown:

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This guy does not deserve a nerf. Queen Mab still kills things faster then him, he’s just good for impervious units. I like Khorvash quite a bit and I still don’t use him as my primary, just something to change up the grind. There are definitely stronger decks out there then the one Khorvash is in.

He’s in a great place right now, because in high level pvp, most of the time he can not 2 hit the first 2 troops. Crimson bat is still stronger then khorvash is.