The official nerf Emperor korvash idea thread

Hello Gemgeezys, Wskill here… known for creating hypes and meta headbutting ratios.

If you cant read the above then dont worry, its meaningless.

Now as for the matter at hand; Emperor Korvash is overloaded, therefor grossly overpowered. This is a consensus so its not just a random player saying “i iz defeted by dek with empre krovas i muds now nerf he”

No this is a legit issue that has already led people to literally tear the cable from their controller and whip the ps4 like indiana jones on dmt. Atleast i have.

Before you think “just use your good cards on 3rd and 4th slot durpidurp” Let me remind you that no card should require the whole game to change because of it. That is exactly what is turning this game into a mindless fotm (flavor of the month/release) based meta instead of devs actually doing what they should which is NERFING obvious unfun mechanics that absolutely include overloaded cards.

So, seeing as alot of people are in agreement here lets use this thread to bring up some ideas on what the right approach to nerf Emperor korvash would be, atleast to start with because theres plenty of other fun sabotaging mechanics in this game atm that already make most new released cards completely unusable regardless of there being (atleast on pc) a quest system in place that suggests new deckbuilding… come on devs… stop trying to be so evasive on the nerf… most of us actually want the nerf, are you really afraid that people will ask money back because they were stupid enough to pay money for a forced meta? Jeez… thats on them. /thread.


So lets get some ideas here. And be reasonable. I sometimes joke to just delete the damn card and yes its art is worth deleting to begin with, as is the loyalty guardian card’s art now that im talking about art. …but that will probably chase the devs away emediately. No it needs to be for the sake of balance.

My idea would be to make korvash only hit the 2nd troop, this makes him both special/diff than other troops, doesnt lose any of his traits, doesnt lose his strenght etc… but still make him less of a damn one man army get 1 fill and the match is over type of troop requiring a whole mana deny deck to keep him out of the fight. Simple solution. If you agree or have a better idea post it in the thread.


PS4~Botanism club guildleader.


I thought the nerf-this-card caterwauling had moved on from Khorvash about two metas ago. Did I miss a memo?


Perhaps on pc, but if i post this in ps4 section it will never be read.

Again no need to nerf there is plenty counter avalaible use your brain you will find them


wskill, just try to make sure that your damage dealers is in spot 3-4. That way Khorwash will never drain/hurt them.


Also it is not a good idea to call the spender stupid, because of them you still can play for free so i would be more respectful if i was you


LOL He definitely needs nerfing. XBOX ONE player here.

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Is he harder to deal with now than before? Console got the clever CPU some weeks ago, I heard.
At PC/Mobile he seems fine, but we doesnt have the latest CPU update.

He is exactly the same then before cpu change


No hes not and you’re clearly a biased metakorvash user. pvp update did make him harder aswell because you cant fool him with skulls anymore either.

Also ill call meta-buy customers stupid anytime, because they are. And the game isnt “free” because of them, the game is “free” because its a free to play game. And if it werent it wasnt worth playing considering what it has been turned into right now, and could so easily be fixed out of.

I will wait until the update comes to PC/Mobile before I make up my mind. However as I said earlier, the thing that always has worked like a charm against Korvash for me is to have the damage dealers in 3rd and 4th spot…So I doubt I will have any problems being up against him when the CPU update arrives, same tactic should work…


Just for your info im not using him at all lol

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So you think the devs are working for free or your beautiful eyes? Lol interesting

What do you think will happen to the game if nobody buy anything?

1-no more new content
2- no more bug fix
3- people will quit playing


Bunni’Nog is a great troop against Korvash also, so many good counters/tactics there is…


I also think he needs a nerf. Nothing major or drastic.

I think he should have a higher mana cost
16 or 17
I think his true damage should be lowered by a few points so he can’t two shot (I am level 700+ with almost every 5 star bonus and I think most of my teams get 2-3 shot by him)

OR the true damage should be regular damage but the damage should be increased a bit

My reasoning for the change is that this troop does too much for too little.

I think that bone dragon needs an upper cost and a decrease in skill power as well. Right now I’d rather devs focus on bone dragon because he can destroy half your team with one really cheap cast. But emperor could use a rebalance as well.

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I’m pretty much in the why bother camp. It’s obvious with recent troop releases that they’re fine with the power creep and want it to continue. At some point the game will require so little thought that it won’t be worth playing anymore. It’s a shame because the game was really great for a while.


As I see it, since he does only attack the 1st and 2nd spot with his skill, there is tons of teams to use which can have good damage dealers in 3rd and 4th spot which will stay untouched. Thats the reason why I don’t see why they should nerf him. And having a fully traited Bunni’Nog up in front does wonder against him. Khorvash stuns a random troop on 4-5 gem matches, but it is really not often it hits the first Bunni’Nog, before the game is over.

Bunni Nog
Bunni Nog
Giant Spider

I agree that Khorvash needs a nerf really… and I don’t often agree much with @wskill - indeed I can rarely understand what he writes.

Khorvash’s spell does way too much for the mana cost. And he has a fantastic set of traits.

His damage output is on par with the strongest troops, is true damage, hits two troops, stuns and fully mana drains them.

For 14 mana.

That’s not broken or unbeatable, but it’s plainly overpowered.

With those effects that spell should be 18 mana minimum.

With a spell that good he really shouldn’t have Stoneskin. And leader just accentuates everything with +3 true damage (twice) and an effective +12 hp.

He’s got about the best spell in the game, and is a solid tank and front rank beatstick?

Oh and he’s blue so can be launched by Valkyrie, the game’s (joint) best mana converter.

I’d suggest he’s toned down slightly:

  • spell does regular damage not true damage
  • spell drains 9 mana from each target not all of it
  • replace Stoneskin with Armoured
  • cost up to 15

Even with all those changes, he’s still one of the best legendary troops.


The level of ignorance in this statement is mind blowing. Call it whatever you want but without paying players there is no GoW to play. Maybe if you start using that thing on top of your neck for more than hats you’ll be able to figure out why all by yourself. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@lyya just because there were (are) worst problems people complain about doesn’t mean this one wasn’t still there. EK was overpowered as hell when first written and soon established in meta defences. And still is there. Got overshadowed by mmdbbd for a while; now mantibores have been rightly toned down, good ol EK will be a more common feature again…