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Are there any plans to inject some fun offense-centric troops in the near future?

The vast majority of troops introduced in recent memory are quick-charging mana-draining defense-centric AI-friendly skull sponges obviously engineered to increase time required to finish a round that have limited use on offensive teams, with the rest being trash commons for arena folks.

I’d be super-de-duper stoked to get my hot little hands on some meta-disrupting folks that add some depth/strategy to the game.


Yes, let’s get some non-Maw counters up in here!

I think they are going the opposite direction of that with the next legendary. :wink:

Is someone keeping tabs? Like 12 new troops and a rework to a Trait all to address one OP team?


How is Khorvash not offensive-minded? Just wondering since he does considerable true damage in addition to his mana denial and Stun renders armor/stoneskin useless.


I agree. I also really like the new dragon on offense. AoE damage and mana battery are both really helpful for attacking, even if Entangle on 4-5 gems is more defensive.


Khorvash is an offense/defense even split at best.

The fact that you’re arguing a single descriptor on a single troop really drives my point home nicely.

Actually, I was arguing multiple descriptors (specifically stun and true damage) on a single troop (Khorvash).

He’s a thoroughly offensive troop and one of the few that is effective versus stoneskin, so your point simply isn’t valid, at least not for him.

I’m sure I could find more but that wasn’t really the point anyway.


When so many of the troops seem intended to help players counter Maw defenses, I’m having trouble understanding how you think they’re not offense-centric, or what that would mean to you. They were also presumably intended to be meta-disrupting and add depth and strategy, so it’s really not clear what you’re looking for.


Why more Maw’s of course! :smiley:

The original Maw is coming back in 2 event weeks. :slight_smile:


The Great-er Maw?

The lesser Maw. Maw 0.5.

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Is this the troop you’re thinking of, @Tacet?


It’s a… Grrrr can’t get spoiler text to work from my phone…

Try switching to desktop view, Jainus. I had the same problem with inserting images. It is clunky, but it seems to be the only way.
Someone decided that since the old way of posting images was working just FINE, it had to be made worse…