Real Emperor Khorvash suggestions...not to rant....make real suggested changes

To me…with all the NERF EK threads one thing is missing…the real discussion of what should happen.

My suggestions would be one of the following:

  1. Increase his Mana cost to 20
  2. Make the damage Regular damage…not True…
  3. Eliminate the draining of mana of the troops and instead just make it hit true damage and stun them.

Actually, you basically repeated the solutions that have already been suggested. Quite often actually.

I’ve seen these suggestions dozens of times since he was released.


First, need to buff spell check. Happens to all of us, though. EK is fine as is, really.

There is a reason he is emperor, so handsome and sexy that his good looks stun anything graced by his presence, plus, his crown alone has killed millions upon millions of troops. Even Trump recognized his crown as a weapon of mass destruction in a tweet. The devs wouldn’t dare try and nerf him, lest he unleash Skynet on us from within GoW servers.



Nerdy? Or borderline creepy?


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I honestly feel Emperor Khorvash is a strong troop and that’s good, if he needs to be changed then the Devs might as well do that for the rest that are strong too and not just for him, and leave this game with troops that are not even worth using. So, if a change is gonna be done (that I don’t know about) oh well, I hope my enthusiasm for playing this game remains.

An unhealthy obsession.

It’s not about him being too strong as in difficult.

It’s about him being well above the current power curve - he has True Damage, Stun, AND Mana Drain, against more than one troop no less. This results in the set-it-and-forget-it masses using him for EVERY team, which leads to a lack of variety in PVP.

If the devs truly care about balance, Khorvash needs to be addressed. Not because he’s too strong but because he’s too ENTICING. This doesn’t mean they should stop there, though. Just like troops well above the power curve (EK, Bone Dragon) need to be brought down a little, the hundreds of older troops that remain WELL below the current power curve also need to be brought up a little, if not a lot.


When it comes to this I honestly believe the Devs do care and would do something to change that, but every troop that you consider well above power has another troop that can counter it, you’ve mentioned one for example, Bone Dragon. I see the Devs balancing things out that way.

If this is still a problem, then sure, they will care to adjust things. But how? By taking away something that made it what it was in the first place? I remember when Dark Maiden used to poison, now she just transform mana and gives life, makes you lose random skill, inflict web but where’s the poison? Do you know how critical poison is? Poison lasts until a troop is gone, or at least cured. I could see the Emperor Khorvash turned in the Lion Prince… got him already tho’. And I could see Bone Dragon turned into whatever the heck he’s gonna be… something that’ll make him feel he has flesh (yes I’m being an ass with that one).

Whatever the Devs decide to do I’m sure it’ll be balanced but to what degree of enjoyment is what I’m saying. I don’t even use Dark Maiden. Why should I? The Devs care tho’, I just hope they add something better to balance things than just take out something that was better. It is what it is, we’ll see.

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At least you’re focused on the right thing - whether or not a troop is fun and/or useable.

A lot of people with this argument, whether it’s Khorvash or some other troop, jump straight to “he’s easy to beat”. It’s not about wins and losses, it’s about repetition. I can’t imagine anybody wants to see the same handful of troops over and over and over again. I know I don’t.

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Well, I don’t use 3/4 of the troops in this game l because so many of them are weak and seem useless. But this goes with almost any game that has you collecting stuff and fighting. First thing that comes to my head is pokemon, almost nobody that is trying to win a pvp battle is going to use raticate or butterfree, its all about mewtwo and charizard.

I don’t think nerfing EK is the answer. bringing all the underpowered troops up probably is if they are looking for better balance. If they just nerf EK, the “next OP guy” else will take his place.

But this nerf EK talk is nonsense, I’m sure one if the devs was smart enough to create a script so that when somebody tries to mess with EK’s card, a 100 LB anvil comes crashing through the ceiling and crushes that user’s skull. They would cover it up with a good story, you know, like the military and the government does when people die in training exercises and such.

Nobody is suggesting they should “just nerf EK” and be done with it.

As for the Devs taste for nerfs, they responded to the public outcry about Sheggra with a nerf. The responded to the public outcry about Webspinner with a nerf. They responded to Goblins, Maw, and Manticore, all with nerfs.

They’ve said they plan to address Bone Dragon in 3.0. To think they absolutely won’t touch EK goes against the history of the game, IMHO.

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I’ve said elsewhere that I don’t really have a problem with Khorvash as he is. He is fun to use on an invade team and he is easy to overcome when he appears on a defence team: use Amira, whose entire purpose in life is to assassinate him.

The one thing that I would advocate changing, and I don’t know if these effects process the same way on PC/Mobile as they do for me on PS4, is that when he kills troops with his attack, his stun and mana drain spill over onto a 3rd troop. That feels deeply unfair. My suggestion would be to re-order the effects so that he mana drains, stuns, and THEN does damage.

Again, don’t think that I’m in favor of changing Khorvash because he isn’t easily beaten in PVP. It’s because he’s literally everywhere in PVP.

He and Bone Dragon are, by far, the most frequent troops appearing in PVP for me. That makes for a very, very boring grind, regardless of actual challenge.

Sorry - I’ll admit that I didn’t carefully read all the posts in the thread when I jumped to “he’s easy to beat”. I get your frustration, and agree to a certain extent. I am using my Amira team constantly these days because about every 3rd PVP is some combination of Mab, EK, Justice with Valk and some other troop (or more of these same ones). While that’s getting a little monotonous, it isn’t bothering me to the same extent as seeing certain other troops which feel more broken to me, such as Bone Dragon, our un-nerfed console Manticore and the Guardians (which seem to be processing differently on console than PC/Mobile). So I get what you’re saying, but I don’t feel what you’re feeling.

I also hope that beating those teams over and over again without losing a troop will encourage those players to change up their teams. I’m sure that hope is in vain.

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That’s totally fair. :+1:

What are some other nerf ideas?

What I would like to see from his spell.

  1. Mana cost increased to 18
  2. He keeps his true damage
  3. He keeps full mana drain but no stun. That’s what his trait is for.

Now with these changes he is still a top tier troop and if a further (nerf) balance is needed they can adjust. I just don’t want to see ek and bd become like maw.

Agree, but out of curiosity, what was Maw like before, I came back after the changes.

Maw is still a plenty powerful troop. I don’t see what the big deal is. I guarantee you you’d see him more if everybody wasn’t using Khorvash / Justice or BD / Courage teams.

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That is your opinion but mine is that he is a toothless puppy now. I won’t get into the maw debate.