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Elite Union - Recruiting

Hi and welcome to our recruitment center.
I am the leader of the guild Elite Union.

First of all I wanna introduce our guild in some sentences…
Our guild is pretty new so far and was founded in June 2016.
So our main focus is to grow constantly and
surely a comfortable guild climate.
Moreover to support each other and (at times) to discuss
alternate/interesting/promising troop compositions.
This should provide incentives and especially newer players
would profit from this process.

As you have surely noticed our admission requirements
are empty at this point… So this is your chance…!
Everybody is welcome. Be a part of a very ambitious project.

Our Slogan is “Use your privileges to promote our Vision

You have Questions…? No problem. Here is our FAQ Corner.

Why should I join the guild?

  • We are pretty active

  • Long-term objectives

  • Support from all of us

  • Be one of the first milestones in our guild

  • Everyone will appreciate

  • Very friendly guild climate

What are our long-term objectives?

  • To reach the Top 50

  • Significant advances

  • To reach one day the Top 10

  • To make history in the GoW Universe

What we are looking for?

  • Active Players (casual or serious)

  • 25-100 Trophies/week should be a good start for everyone

  • Loyalty

Yeah thats all…! Interested…?
If you would like to join our guild…

  • Leave a short message here + invite code.
  • or sent me a PM.

I will check the process consistently.

Last but not least…
In different intervals I will update our



Take note everyone, this is how you advertise a guild. :+1:


Good luck with your new guild, Korbit. :slight_smile: