Anyone recruiting?

Hi all,

I’m currently looking for another guild.
Player level 413, strong troops, play daily guild wars, donate 250k gold a week…

My actual guild (appr. rank 125) looks close to dead with not enough members
and absolutely no communication.

so any motivated guilds, please contact me…

We have one spot:

Tell me if you’re interested

You must be from Burp of War guild.
I’m from Silent Forest. Currently 129th. Almost same situation as in your guild, since our previous leader left, but we’re regrouping now. I badly need a guy like you, because I have such great desire to kick out all the leechers and finally have a squad that will start winning guild wars.


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Safe Word has room for one more. We’re 94 in League rank and floating between brackets 6 and 8 in Guild Wars. The one thing of note for us is the vast majority of the guild activity is on LINE since in-game chat continues to suck.

Hi Ruiter
Yea Safe Word have a spot:)
We r a friendly guild that help each other out:)
You r very welcome to us:)

Ps We have cookies:)

‘Abaddon’ has a spot for you @Ruiter_1

also check out Power Gems:

we are recruiting if you are willing to meet all the reqs :slight_smile:

still looking?
Crit Happens! :slight_smile:

Elbenwald guild (top 20 guild) is recruiting if you can make the grade. PM me your details if interested.


thx to all of you that have responded to my appeal.

I can announce that I have found a new home…

thx to all.