Eliminate duplicate Guild Recruit messages

Please recognize and eliminate the duplicate guild recruit messages. I had 13 this morning, all that were sent from the same guild 8 hours ago. Just one at a time is enough, thank you.

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there is a threshold that can be considered spam and you can flag/report that in game. but honestly im not certain on what that threshold might be. at least for me if im seeing a recruitment message twice within the same block of text on screen, its too much. (using lite chat GUI, the “new” chat UI is :face_vomiting:)

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I try not to over post in globals when recruiting. One ad every 10mins or so is what I aim for.


I read the OP as spam invites in his mailbox. I would send a screenshot of the invites to the support team to see if they could set up a block somehow.

I sometimes send random invites to active PvP players with None as their Guild name, but I try not to send duplicates. Sometimes my Alt doesn’t know which players I’ve already invited, and might send a second invite. (He and I rarely talk to each other anymore).

But we both try to avoid inviting players on the LB. I imagine they get tons of invites from others as it is.

Edit: We’re on Xbox, @rbchaffe, so it wasn’t us. Although we do have a spot available if you want to ditch your current platform to avoid those spammers and make an Xbox account. gl hf

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