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Recruitment post reply limit issue

It seems something changed and I am not allowed to make new posts on our recruitment page? I tried deleting a previous post and tried again, but received the same error. My guild is not big on creating accounts and posting on the forms so this is solely on my end for recruitment.

Recruitment Post



If you edit your latest post it does pump your thread to the top i believe

Yes, but I would like to keep our rank timeline in thread. I shouldn’t have to keep modifying the last post.

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To work around this bug. I had a member of my guild post on the thread. I was able to post after without issue.

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I am still waiting for someone to listen to me :smiley: Glad I am not the only one with the issue though.

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We’ll look into this. The Forums run off a package called Discourse which does it’s own updates from time to time. So it’s likely one of their updates has changed something.

EDIT: Minor update, it does look like a recent update of Discourse in the last week has added this feature. We’ll investigate further.


Appreciated @Ozball

What number do you feel is appropriate for the amount of times a thread can be bumped? I think this new feature is useful, as it stops unnecessary amounts of spam. I think 5 times is reasonable, but am open to suggestions.

I think 3 is enough. It would stop people making 5+ posts in a row when replying to different people. Guild recruitment threads can just edit the last post to bump it up. That’s what my guild does and it works fine.

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I think it should ignore consecutive posts when they are spaced out as my link is. There is not a daily bump and I post when we have let someone go or when someone quits the game. I am also just updating the title when we are full vs making another post to not spam the boards. Hopefully that can be obtained or is useful information for your algorithm. @Saltypatra

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Was spam ever an issue on here?
This new change fixed something that was never an issue. Yet the change causes an issue to recruitment threads where usually it’s the same person making a reply on the OP continuously.
I like the time idea. If the replies are once a week then it can’t ever run the risk of spam.

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I’m usually pretty quick at rooting out the spam, but there have been times where accounts have been made from overseas that flood the forums and continuously bump threads whilst also starting new ones. It would mean that when this happens it can’t spread as far in the future.

Though rare, there are certainly other times that a forum member has gotten angry and posted several times to attack someone, which this will also stop. If there is a chance that implementing this feature could help even a little, then I’m all for it.

Also @Maxx is correct, you can edit your last post to bump it!


I would be in favor of it being more difficult to make a Forums account. But yeah, if the changes do more good than harm. I’m all for it.