Redo Guild Invites

So i would like to be able to invite all players. Right now u cant invite people who are in a guild. Why not? Would like to be able to do that. Maybe give a player the option of no invites? My guild is like rank 1200ish love the game! Update there would be no spam u just turn invites off to yourself ya on/off? Another thing no pvt messaging i cant talk to most my guide if they don’t look at guild chat should be able to send messages like hey you’ve been inactive u still playing? don’t want to kick you ect. People afraid of losing guild members from invites is lol u can leave if u want ya. would be better competition.

IMHO, we already have enough poaching even without the possibility to invite players who already are in a guild.


Thanks but no thanks. I already pity the unguilded folks who get random invites from PvP opponents. Those of us happily in guilds don’t need to get spammed with invites too. If someone in a guild is looking to switch, they’re likely already looking in global or on the forums.

Like every other guild out there, put the time into forum, global chat or social media recruitment. There are plenty of people not satisfied with the guild they’re in & looking for a change. And since there’s no way to discern who’s happily guilded or not, there’s no reason the majority of us should have to wade through & delete unwanted invite spam so you can attempt to reach those who might be unhappy with their guild.


Players would be getting countless invites per day. It would be a nightmare :hot_face:


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God no, everyone in my guild would get spammed continuously.

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It’s kind of like how in Dark Souls, if you lose your humanity then you can’t be invaded by PvPers. So some people opt to spend a lot of the game “dead” because they don’t really care to get involved with PvP.

If I want to go shopping, I know where the recruitment threads are. That’s how you get people to join. If random guilds could send me invites, turning that off would be a the top of my quality of life list.

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Wait what :joy:


Would be no spam. -on/off- and i dont want to have to live this game to have fun with my guild i do other stuff too.

So do the rest of us. I have been recruiting for years, it’s a lot of work. Yes. But do I make this game a job? No. Do I want to spam other players with random invites? No.
It’s a bad idea.
Create a forum recruiting post and/or spend some of your playing time in global.
We have two recruiters plus the GM in our guild.
Good luck.


What @Mariana said. I’ve been playing about 4 years now, most of that as a 2IC or GL. While it can be a pain to recruit, at no time would I have ever considered propositioning people already in a guild unless they 1st approached me with the intent to leave their current guild.

I personally think it’s rude & inconsiderate to try to poach another guild’s members. I feel a person is by default happy in their guild and if not they’ll either leave or start poking around on chat or forums looking for a better offer on their own. What constitutes poaching and the “morality” of it has been debated in the past so i’m not looking to turn this thread into another of those debates.

I’d assume the devs are against poaching too considering they deactivated invites if in a guild in the 1st place.

You’ll be fine with poaching other guilds’ members until the 1199ish bigger and more appealing guilds poach your top performers, leaving you high & dry spending more time recruiting than you do now. There’s already plenty of competition for good members and a lot of guilds & guild families with full time recruiting teams who could strip your guild of its talent in moments. Be careful what you ask for…

Do yourself a favor & give 1-2 of your guildies the authority & ability to recruit to take some of the pressure off yourself to do it all.


One of the worst ideas ever. If you’re too lazy to spend the time recruiting for and promoting your guild (unlike every other GM in the game), why would anyone want an invite to your guild in the first place? Sending invites to people already in guilds is simply a non-starter.


He did mention an on/off switch, so anyone concerned about getting spammed with invites would have the option of not allowing guild invites. Which is what I would do anyway, so I’d never see a guild invite. I’m actually used to a process like this from that other Match 3 “game that should never be named”, and it was one of a handful of things about that game that never bothered me.


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