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Elf team with Archer?

I got archer up to level 20 for the bonus to War and Peace, but I was looking at that third perk and wondering if an elf team was viable.

Has anyone figured out a strong team with four elves? I tried a few combinations but couldn’t find anything particularly good :frowning:

The third perk being the Deadly Shot?

I’ll see if I can play with some ideas, but I think someone said in another thread, Elves don’t have the best synergy between them.

EDIT: Maybe something like this…


Note that that doesn’t factor in the fact that the Archer Hero can act as an Elf for the bonuses.

It’s kinda annoying that there is only ONE Elf in Forest of Thorns, which is the kingdom the Archer hero comes from :confused:

EDIT2: Actually I’d probably go this team instead…


You still get the 3 Elf bonus, but you should also get a 2 Forest of Thorns Troops one, and a green transformer.

Correct Bonuses are:
Lord of Spiders
All troops gain +1 Attack for having 2 unique Zhul’Kari troops
Lord of Thorns
All troops gain +1 Life and +1 Armor for having 2 unique Forest of Thorns troops
Elf Captain
All troops gain +1 Magic for having 3 unique Elf troops

Why did they not put archer in zhul’kari? It has 4 elfs and a lot more synergy with dokkalfar’s passive buff.

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Yup exactly.

Though thematically Archer works from Forest of Thorns… just that there are no Elves in that forest <_< (Legolas doesn’t count…)


Or make the Archer a Fey class, even if that meant renaming the class to something else than archer :x

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Archer definitely needs some rebalancing :frowning:

By making the hero count as an elf, you give up either 2 magic or 4 attack. +1 magic for the team and being limited to mediocre troops isn’t really helpful.

Oh well, maybe in 2.1…