Archer Class Event


With so many troop options, who has the best team build?!? (Rhetorical Question)
Best way to play this event is to skip it.


My Archer is already at class champ level 100, I used to use it a lot… so yeah, happily skipping this one…


Just wait 3 weeks for Orbweaver class event. 5 troops are not so bad :wink:



Arachnaean Weaver

Mana Color: Green, Purple, Yellow
Arcane: Venom, Plains
Base Rarity: Mythic
Troop Types: Elf, Monster



I’m impressed at how awful this Class event is. Its been easy, but 5 troops… really? Is there a reason why something like Class Events needs such a narrow restriction?


Here is my suggestion

Works great with Titan


Skip a chance to get extra 25 gems? No thanks.

Just take it as an arena run; Dawnbringer + any yellow troops. They could have Vault class and there still won’t be any problem.


I did it just to see how bad it was…
It would of been more efficient to do maps instead to acquire the gold and gems.


My Archer was 82, so I thought playing it for five rounds would be a few points towards fully levelled - Mang, 2 x anariel and glade warden. I didn’t count on Gorbil and it’s 10% chance plus brown gems and devour. Gorbil devoured Mang and then gladly gave me a go with 250 attack to it’s name and then a board of skulls appear (no skull generator) from the sky.

You couldn’t make it up! :slight_smile:


The veterans have all these elves upgraded and backed up with high kingdom and guild bonuses to make it easy even with such short list, for newish players, specially with the buffs on the Bright Forest team this week…

Some serious reviews and adjustments should be made @Sirrian, since each class belongs to a kingdom, having access to the all troops of said kingdom makes better sense and allows people to test out more troops. The fact there is no way to obtain at least one Legendary troop also makes the shop purchases even more uninsteresting.


This event is the insult people claim Orb of Clans is.

@Cyrup, @Saltypatra, was it really the dev intent to give us events that almost don’t have enough troops to fill a whole team? Do they think it really sounds exciting to spend 20 minutes to get 18 minutes worth of PvP Champion XP?

I get “content will be better down the road” but I don’t exactly want to play things that won’t be “good” for at least another full year.


-Meanwhile at Class Event Headquarters-

Intern: Boss, boss, I’m seeing chatter on the net about how class events are too confusing. New players don’t know what team to build because there are just too many darned options.

Boss: Hold my beer…


This so happened. My god so funny


Me thinks the boss would finish off the Amber fluid, crush the can on the forehead, and say "Get me another from the Esky, I got this!


Put the Hero with an Urska Crown or Deamonicon and create your own team!

And such a shame that there is a cap on summon level…


Hero Dawnbringer. No other troops :upside_down_face:


Well with archer maxed, it was a case of do the free sigils and collect the rewards that came with them. I too use dawnbringer, made light work of it as expected.