Class event change

  • Current class event troop filter is the most restricting of any event mode.
  • Recent changes in the arena make it even harder to get hero XP.
  • Players are happy to spend gems to level up XP, but current class troop selection makes using those sigils more painful than fun.

Please change the class event filter to include all troops of that class type. Regardless of the event kingdom that week.

Current Sorcerer Class Event Troop Options ^


I was surprised about the options on the first sight too. But some troops aren’t probably that bad.

Used Wall of Tentacles, Mountain Crusher, Abhorath and Myzmer. You can even play brainless with this combo. Just casting MC, Wall of Tentacles and Aborath. Wall is getting tanky, while Aborath is pretty fast on 300 damage. With all the storms you are getting a lot of extraturns with aborath cast too.

(Otherwise just slap them down with your 600 tomes :joy: )

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Yeah, this class event is a no-play in my opinion.

If I play it, I will agonize over a couple of hours and spend gems to get 145 reward XP along with 80 match XP for a total of 225 Sorcerer XP.

Or, I could play 113 PvP matches with sorcerer. If I assume I can win one in 1.5 minutes (which seems reasonable), I need 3 hours of PvP to get the same reward, but I didn’t have to spend gems. Yes, there are gem rewards, but I don’t think “playing some not-fun” rounds are worth the 15 or so I’d profit.

This just isn’t worth it. I’m only going to play “not fun” things if I’m getting something worth a lot. Stick an Orb of Ascension in the last slot and I’d fight hard. As-is, I’m only getting 10% of an Orb of Ascension, which means I expect 90% disappointment.

3x Wall of Tentacles + Dawnbringer

Charge Wall #1 and half-charge #2, cast #1 and the team basically plays itself… Its funny and decidedly lethal.


I appreciate the tip.
But basically using a build with 2 troops that only 5% of the players in the game can use definitely shows that we need better options.
I’m interested to know how many times you need to cast Dawnbringer to win a match on floor 8.
I imagine it would be grindy and the novelty would run out before you complete all the rewards for the event.

Secret of the crypt work aswell, kill faster and can bring back ups in case **** happen.

Actually worked very well also tentacle wall, secret of the crypt, myzmer and ancient horror.

In facy first class event ever i brought some tiers instead of just using free sigils.

3 walls and any really good AoE weapon, really. But I agree this selection still sucks. Mang and three potatoes can also beat most of these fights, it just isn’t very fun or engaging. I think I’ll personally probably try to set up a team for Abhorrath spam and just quit when it stops working (which will probably be pretty early). I’m an advocate for troop restrictions as forcing you to make decisions you wouldn’t have to otherwise, but any given selection set really needs some kind of reliable heavy hitter or generator, minimum (with the hero covering the other role as best they can and hopefully more than one kingdom troop actually contributing to your strategy), or you just kind of end up muddling through waiting for specific skydrops so you can actually make progress in the fight. It also helps when everything isn’t also all the same colors.

It was very telling when they retroactively changed the typing on Deathknight and Orbweaver to give those two class events slightly more troop selection variety only just before one of their events rolled around and after multiple preemptive complaints because it shows they weren’t really thinking about the ability to make any kind of varied team, let alone a fun/viable one, from the start, and just needed to impose a restriction of some kind. We lost the ability to have a Mystic type on hero because it became “more important” for the completely arbitrary restriction placed on these events to make a little more sense with available troops rather than revisiting the restrictions themselves, so I don’t think we are likely to see a rework at this point.


My team for this class event was WoT, that blue Karakoth knife (currently +3) that stabs last enemy, Myzmer, and Tzathoth. Team ran surprisingly smooth, until I ran out of sigils.This team was also a no loss team, and I reached the third battle of round 5. Think outside the box.

I will admit that I nearly lost two separate battles, but both cases had a Bulette, who REALLY sucks to fight no matter WHAT team you bring.

EDIT: Sorcerer was at champion level 24 at the beginning of the event, and had no traits active

+1 To this request. It is a CLASS event after all. I don’t know why they thought troops needed to be restricted even further? Does the extra kingdom restriction make the game more fun? Answer = NO!!


TBPF, the class changes both your troop type AND kingdom. It makes sense to me to restrict the troops to match both the type and home kingdom

Because? Not a single other game mode operates this way.
Let’s review…

  • Guild wars - Restricts colors but allows for Sentinels to boost your troops.
  • Raids - Restricts troops to that kingdom. But gives you at least one troop boost your success.
  • Invasions - Restricts troops to that type. But gives you at least one troop to boost your success.
  • Tower of Doom - Restricts color troops. But provides boons to help you succeed.
  • Factions - Restricts color troops. But provides hoard levels to help you succeed.
  • Bounties - NO RESTRICTIONS. But provides bounty troops to help you score more points for rewards.

And last… And very least…

  • Class events - Restricts Kingdom and type. But gives… wait… Gives the players absolutely nothing to help them succeed. Congratulations class events. You are officially… The worst.

I totally agree that the dual-restriction generally makes class events pretty dull (aside from the lackluster rewards). I don’t think we need to try make @AmberPeacemaker look silly, though - as mentioned,

so it does make thematic sense, regardless of how other events operate. It just won’t be enjoyable most of the time for another 2 years or so, when more troops have been released :stuck_out_tongue:.

Perhaps another suggestion could be to let you use any troops you want, but to increase points earned for the rewards based on troops of the same type, and from the same kingdom, similarly to Bounty. E.g., if it was +10% for each, Abhorath would earn you +20% points, while Abynissia would only earn you +10%. This would allow a pretty broad range of strategic options to maximise points.

I don’t really know what the best solution would be, though, but I do know that Class Events are my least played event.

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I think it’s quite stupid that the class is the only element not restricted, so that you can play the class event with whatever class…

Why not doubling the Hero XP if we use the event class?


My only qualm with making the class event restricted to that troop type only is… that would be the exact same restriction as invasion. Gotta be another way.

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So, currently your class gets 2 XP per battle (10 XP per tier) then the bonus reward for clearing the tier. Are you suggesting that it would be 4 XP (20 XP per tier) if the class matches the event?

Edit: not attacking or putting down your idea, just want a little clarification is all.

Maybe lock in the hero so you have to use him like arena (obviously the event class) and then have unrestricted troops?

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Yes, so that players will want to play the event with the event class.

There are now 16 Naga troops in the game.
Only 3/4 of them can be used with the Assassin class event.
It’s one thing to have troops released prior to Class events existing.
But to continue to release troops that will not help in class events demonstrates how Class Events aren’t even a factor in their decisions.
I’ve experienced finger painting that was better thought out than Class Events.

My problem is I had a whole essay on what I felt would be some better filters but I can’t escape something I can’t disprove.

My worry is no matter how we structure a filter, the way the game mechanics work we’re always going to be able to narrow our set down to at best 3-5 viable teams, of which there’s probably 1 or 2 “optimal” ones.

So while the “creature type” filter is objectively bad because we can show how not all creature types have similar power levels or even coherency, a wider filter like “all commons” still distills down to “very few strictly good choices”.

“The problem” there is intractable. To have “lots of strictly good choices” we’d need a lot more troops. We have in the neighborhood of 750 troops that can produce probably about three dozen teams that I’d say are worth a player’s time if I include GW variants. So I’m estimating about a 4% “teams from troops” ratio. If we want like, 50 teams at that rate, we need about 500 more troops before we can expect to have the diversity required. I don’t think more than about 150 release per year?

So I’m talking a lot because I’m faced with the prospects that:

  • I’m not really happy with what we have.
  • I don’t know a realistic solution that does make me happy.

Yeah, power creep sucks. But you’re making me think of an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh GX

In that episode, one of the duelists is forced to build a deck with monsters attack power no greater than 1000 IIRC. Yu-gi-oh frequently has monsters with ATK over 3000. Quite a massive disadvantage with the card restrictions. Yet he took a look at what he could use, cobbled together a “terrible” deck that had no right existing, and managed to eke out a win.

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