Class event change


I don’t have a way to respond to that without sounding a little more negative than I want to be. It boils down to be making the worst kind of argument, “The novelty will wear off so it doesn’t matter”. I don’t wholeheartedly believe in that.

I’ve always wanted a commons-only mode, or maybe a monthly rotation of 100 troops, etc. Limitations breed creativity, but the novelty always wears off. So there needs to be a lot of churn in the choices.

But there also have to be choices. When your event criteria excludes all but 8 troops, there’s not much of a teambuilding challenge there.


Let’s not forget also that some classes had to literally be changed because only TWO troops would be available for the event. :roll_eyes:


Seriously? When was this? And what were the classes?




Mithran already mentioned this :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: although it’s nice to have the link.

Interestingly, Drathas’ comment in the same thread got a ridiculous amount of likes (44) for suggesting dual-types for classes:


All I ever see in these forums are people whining about something. This restriction is good in my opinion, it’s an incentive to use troops that may otherwise be overlooked.
Also, disenchant your troops!


It’s called feedback. :grinning:
If you dig through the forums enough you will see positive feedback as well.
Why am I disenchanting my troops?