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Orbweaver + Deathknight Hero Class Changes

Hello Adventurers!

As you may have heard, the Orbweaver hero class is having an event tonight. However Zhul’Kari currently only has 2 troops which are mystic, Dokkalfar and Tal’Rae.

We looked at changing some of the troops in Zhul’Kari so there were more mystics, but only the Dark Maiden and The Widow Queen made a strong thematic sense. We also considered changing the events from Orbweaver to another class, but we’d only be delaying this issue until later. In the end, we’ve made the decision to change the Troop Type offered by Orbweaver from Mystic to Elf. This change is going to be permanent going forward. We will introduce another mystic class further in the future.

On a similar note, we double checked all the other classes to see if there was any other classes with a similar issue. We discovered that the Deathknight, being a knight class also has the same problem; so we have permanently changed it to give the Undead troop type going forward.

These changes will have gone out before daily reset, so make sure you get these changes before you start the event.


Thank you for the update!

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So two elf classes, two undead classes, and two giant classes?


Nice, i was wondering why the game downloaded data :smiley:

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Interesting news! Excited to see how it shakes things around.

I still think class events are poorly designed, but this is a good temporary band-aid.


:thinking: If we get enough band-aid fixes, will it all be ascended to next tiers?

  • Band-aid -> Duct tape -> Silver Tape.

Only with an Orb of Power. You know, because too many people have Orb of Ascensions now.

Great news !

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Useful fix I guess.

I still think that the talent trees need a lot more work and individualisation…


I’m okay with the old problematic class event’s few selection because I don’t know if there is any way to fix that without changing things too much.

But this is the perfect solution! Not only it help with Class troop selection, but it also help hero synergize better with troop from their own kingdom. Awesome fix!!

While I agree with the changes, in my view giving the hero dual types would have been a much more reasonable fix.

Orbweaver - Mystic/Elf
Deathknight - Knight/Undead

The other classes would be better suited with these changes too:

Assassin: Naga/Rogue
Archer: Elf/Rogue
Bard: Wildfolk/Fey(Elemental)
Dragonguard: Dragon/Knight
Knight: Knight/Human
Mechanist: Mech/Human (Cyborg!)
Necromancer: Undead/Mystic
Oracle: Centuar/Divine
Priest: Divine/Mystic
Runepriest: Dwarf/Mystic
Sorcerer: Daemon/Mystic
Titan: Giant/Elemental
Warden: Beast/Wargare
Warlord: Giant/Knight


Absolutely. +1 to heroes being dual troop type.


Also, just thought one angle I forget to notice. If this change didn’t happened, those who buy the last tier in the shop would just get 10x Dokkalfar and 10x Tal’Rae. With this change, more troops are available as the reward, including a small change for Arachnaean Weaver!

@ Drathas, nice suggestions! Although, techically , that would make Hero a triple type, as “Hero” itself is recognized as one troop type.

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The hero is already dual type, “Hero” and whatever the class provides. I suspect it’s not possible to get rid of the “Hero” type, otherwise the hero would be without any type when no class has been unlocked yet. And triple types doesn’t seem to be supported.

One other approach might be to add some flexibility to the type based on the class. Like offering a choice between Mystic and Elf (and possibly even a third type) for Orbweaver, just like you are able to customize your talents. That way you could customize your class a little more to your play style, the class event could allow all troops matching the possible class type variations.

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Love the idea! The list could do with some minor tweaks (lots of Knights and Mystics) otherwise this should be implemented ASAP. Will make Class Events a bit more bearable too as you can choose between two classes in a Kingdom.

I’m so happy with this change this has made this event so easy and actually pretty fun. Arachnaean Weaver has become my favourite mythic it’s really good in PvP and has been killing it in this event so far I have defeated 35 champions and haven’t lost a single troop thanks to him.

There goes the Hero + Medea combo :frowning:


I’m probably being dumb, but why does it matter if hero classes share types with their kingdom troops? Thematic? Stat bonus? Anything else?