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What does everyone think of the class event?

One orb of chaos as a top reward… fail.
The xp earned for each tier reward is a fail.
8 sigils for a one day event that has 40 battles… fail.
Shop prices and what you get for your gems… fail



  1. something extra to do in a day
  2. some hero class xp
  3. 25 gem gain and some chump change in gold I guess?


  1. The nicest thing I can say is this is an utter waste of time.

My Dragonguard class was level 70 before I started this event. I did not buy any tiers today. I did not even gained a level for the half an hour or so I put into this mode.


Unable to check myself, what do the shop tiers get you, at which cost? Any ingots in there?



Locking troop selection to kingdom and troop type… I don’t think “fail” even begins to describe this.

Looking forward to playing the class event where we’re all locked to Broken Spire Giants the same way I would a lobotomy! :crazy_face::gun:


Yeah it should be a or
And what is funny is that you don’t have to use the event class for your battles… :man_facepalming:


This is nothing more than another leaderboard for people to throw gems at.


My dragonguard is 100, all traits/talents. Is there anything extra to gain? :o

No. It’s the most overpriced MINOR orb ever.


Few gems, I guess.

Pro: I didn’t have to change my class to Dragonguard
Con: Just another grind where close to the end I think 250 gems for a chance at a minor orb that will most likely be useless to me? No thank you.
Also I only did it cause Dragonguard is not completely unlocked for me. Like most classes, I never use it. I know in the future now to just skip these events outside of new classes.
I can’t help but ask… Outside of Invasions… Does any of the devs start and finish these modes (last level) and then say it was fun?
TL:DR…I tried it… It sucked… I’ll go to sleep now hoping when I wake up GoW is version 2.9 again. :v:


So is it possible to level up 2 different classes during this event? If I have another hero class selected, will I level up this other class while playing PvP, explore,… ?


Whatever class you have equipped will get the xp during the battle (like +2xp Priest), then you’re rewarded whatever you get for your rewards for Dragonguard


cool, thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have to say… I quite like it.

The rewards are small with nothing spacial (no ingots,diamonds, or any exclusive un-grind-able stuffs), so it feels like If I want to participate for fun, I could do it without spending any gems and get 20+ gems and some golds/exps as a reward. If my class Champlain level is already maxed, I could just ignore it and not losing anything important.

I’m so glad that their “assumed” terrible plan of baiting people to buy more tiers with rare Ingots is not include here. It’s a Thursday weekly event, so participation should be voluntary, not forcing player to play and buy stuffs, to avoid the risk of slow progress.

I quite looking forward to see the 3-day long one, to see if anything is different. But by what I see so far, it’s quite a great additional weekly activity.


More sigil BS… I’ll pass… When are sigils coming to pvp and explore???


Okay, some class shop feedback. I somehow doubt it’s going to reach those able to change something, wonders never cease though. I’ve progressed a fair bit into the game, this is how I personally value the content of the shop tiers.

  • Souls. I’ve got enough of those to not even notice a few hundred more. Zero value.
  • Gold. I’d rather play PvP instead, that also gets some trophies for the guild. Zero value.
  • Class weapon. I’m going to unlock that while gaining champion levels, I don’t mind waiting a few days. Zero value.
  • Event troops. Given the very limited troop pool, this promises even more low-end duplicate troops than event keys would. In some rare cases this might be useful to fish for a very specific troop. Low value.
  • Traitstones. I’ve got enough saved up to unlock any new class that might show up. Zero value.
  • Class XP. I actually enjoy leveling up classes, slowly progressing towards level 100, it’s a personal long term goal that keeps me playing. Those class XP contained in the package make me want to buy it less, not more. Negative value.
  • Sigils. If the event is “fun” enough, I might be willing to go several extra rounds. Fun is tricky to pin down, loot outlook and team restrictions play a huge role though. Low to high value.

Summing it up, there’s not reason at all for me to spend gems here. Those are all “beginner” packages, for players who still find every resource useful, no matter what it is. I might be inclined to go for sigils, the price is horrendous though with all the stuff I don’t need, or even want, bloating the price tag.

TL,DR: Let me buy sigils separately, e.g. as a “no sigils left, pay 5 gems?” popup when entering a battle, and we are talking. I might also occasionally go for an appropriately priced “10 class event troops” package, provided there’s no extra junk content attached.


I though the “points” earned from each battle were actually class xp and though ‘great!’, then I realised they were just for another P2W leaderboard. My level 49 dragonguard went up only 2 levels. Still, 25 gems for 20 battles is ok.

One thing we’ve learned though: if there’s a pointless leaderboard with scant rewards, people will still throw money to try and top it.


Maybe they should just make a “gems spent” leaderboard… :wink: