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Orbweaver class event only 2 troops to choose from 😩

Yep, that’s right. Only Dakkalfar and Tal’Rae are Mystics from Zhul’Kari…:roll_eyes:
Any comment @Saltypatra @Ozball @Sirrian ?


Damn, payback for the community upset about 4 troops I guess.

That will be interesting…

Deathknight sends their regards.

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I know it’s wierd, but it’s probably intented.

In Class Events, like Arena, you have to take full advantage of hero to win the match with very few selection of troops. It’s fitting to have to relied on the hero for extra Champion exp, instead ditching it to use some other powerful troops available. While it’s quite hard in late level if you don’t have strong support to choose from, it’s still could be fun. Beside, summoning are still a choice.

But I’m okay with less people participating though, so I could easily take extra Orb of Chaos and some gems without too much competition. lol

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Orbweaver has been changed to Elf and Deathknight to Undead.