Campaign? Need explanation

One of the campaigns says to win battles using a Forest of Thorns team. I made one, including the FOT weapon. I’ve won manny battles in the Explore mode but don’t get credit in the campaign. It still says 0/22. What am I missing?

Did you use the correct class? Archer

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Oooohhh…it has to be the class that belongs to FOT??

Yep, that will be why. :grinning:

Thank you!!:hugs:


Make sure that Archer’s also Level 10, or it still won’t count!

Gotcha. I’m at 18 of that class right now. (Can’t wait to go back to my main class tho lol)


Good luck!!!

You can use any weapon you want as long as it’s archer. Does not have to be from that kingdom. At least I’m pretty sure that’s how it works.

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Check your team in “Bonuses” tab, it will tell how many troops you have from a kingdom - 3 or 4. There you’ll clearly see that hero class matters and weapon’s kingdom - doesn’t.

On the bright side, Archer is one of the best classes in the game, it will be worth your time leveling it up a bit.