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Noob Campaign Question

Hi mates.

Could someone explain to me what I have to do in the Campaign missions team? For example the last one Ghulvania team. What team and equipment should I have? i try using Ghulvania troops but dont work.


Go to the team section and go under the bonus tab. If it doesn’t day “4 unique Ghulvania troops.” Then you’re either using a troop or hero class from a different kingdom. Or you’re using a duplicate troop.
Here’s an example of the bonus tab.

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They all need to be from Ghulvania. Post a screenshot of your team and we should be able to tell you why it isn’t working.

Thank you!

I was using a Ghulvania weapon instead of four troops.


You can use duplicate troops for campaign task, i used 4x spirit fox last week, worked well.

You have to use the class linked to the kingdom, not weapon. So in this case - deathknight class +3 ghulvania troops will do.


You can use any weapon as long as your hero class is from ghulvania (deathknight at least lvl 10)

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