Campaign 5 Guide (Week 1 - 10, 2021-07-26)

Team Code: [1147,6902,6452,6054,3007,3,1,2,1,1,1,1,14011]
Cheers, Gary.


Campaign 5 Week 1 Strategy

A new campaign begins, with new headaches. Let’s see if I can smooth out a few of them.

You’ll need to hang on to the Adventure Board (B7) and 2 Event Keys (B2). I would also save the Dungeon (S1) for a convenient time.

  1. Ideally, start by killing Crimson Bat five times (G1) in the World Event, PvP or Ghulvania Explore, using a Mace weapon for 4 wins (B1). This clears you to get credit for Purple kills for G2. You may, however, choose to defer both Gold Tasks at your convenience.

  2. Open 2 Event Chests (B2).

  3. Complete 1 Treasure Hunt with 60+ turns (B3).

  4. Get 66 Purple kills (G2), starting by exploring Ghulvania once at any Difficulty (B4).

  5. Earn 80 Souls in battle (B5), potentially by starting your weekly Ranked PvP.

  6. Use the Vampire’s Banner (RP) for 4 wins (B6). You can do this on the Adventure Board, so long as you don’t finish all 9 battles before claiming B6.

  7. Complete 1 Adventure Board (B7).

  8. Use the Deathknight Class for 4 wins (B8), potentially in Ranked PvP or the World Event – the latter, especially if you still have Gold Tasks to do.

  9. Use a Ghulvania team for 4 wins (B9). I recommend the Dungeon as a starting point, where you’ll need to win 6 Dungeon battles (S1).

  10. Complete 1 Delve at Level 20+ (B10).

  11. On Tuesday, complete your 6 Dungeon battles (S1).

  12. Match 300 Purple Gems in battle (S2). Use a Purple Storm class to speed things up.

  13. Get 30 Undead kills (S3). Ghulvania Explore is a good option.

  14. Finish up by crafting 3 Purple Summoning Stones (S4).

To help out other players, set your PvP Defence to four Crimson Bats (fill your team with Aziris or Necrocorn – both require Freeze to counter effectively): [6078,6078,6078,6078,3023,0,0,0,0,0,0,3,14033]


I wonder how many rerolled the Dungeon task instantly… I know I did. Great addition.


Yes, there appears to be a new, undocumented feature that allows you to Reroll a task. The 2-day Dungeon task is an obvious candidate.

As far as I can tell, the rerolled task tends to be lengthier than equivalent, standard tasks in that column. For example, my silver Dungeon turned into killing 102 Enemies. There may also be a random component to the exact count.

I’ve no idea how many times tasks can be rerolled, or what the results are likely to be (beyond the previous observation).

It would be very useful if @Kafka documented this feature properly, but I’m not holding my breath. Sigh.


The Deathknight Talents in Gary’s team do not seem to be optimised. I recommend adjusting them to better match the team.

I also rerolled the silver Dungeon task and my replacement task requires killing 75 purple enemies. So it’s not the same for everyone.

As I can tell, every task can be rerolled - But only once. Reroll gets greyed out when selecting again.
They are longer tasks but simpler to accomplish. Where, as with your guide above you need to build specific teams using the right banner/class/weapon etc. I’ve been utilising the reroll to change all these tasks and get generic tasks ‘kill x colour’ ‘win x battles’ so I can complete tasks while doing whatever game mode with whatever team I want to play. Very cool.

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This feature was announced as part of Update 5.5.


@Lyrian - What proportion of players read the patch notes?

Even I no longer do, since many changes are omitted, anyway.

Thank you, though, for posting the detail. :slight_smile:

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Campaign 5, Week 2

Team used here: [1056,6372,6986,6697,3010,2,2,3,3,2,1,2,14022]


Campaign 5 Week 2 Strategy

With the ability to reroll multi-day tasks (usually into a “Slay x number of something” or “Explore this Kingdom” task), you can now jump ahead of the strategy described below. Or you can get caught up in searching for a type of opponent you don’t know where to find. I will try to create a guide to the Campaign on the forums, including a section on how to build your own strategy. But for now, I’m going to continue as if you must do every task as specified.

Note: If you can do a task fairly easily, don’t Reroll. My alt Rerolled a Treasure Hunt into a task that is almost impossible for that account. Consider yourself warned!

This week, we want to save the Adventure Board (S2), 2 Event Keys (B5) and a Vault Key (B10). If you Reroll the 2-day Adventure Board task, you’ll also want to save all three Daily Delve Sigils (S4). Finally, there’s quite a big of work requiring specific teams or specific enemies. Use Pet Rescues, the Adventure Board and the Dungeon wisely, to maximise your efficiency.

  1. While Drifting Sands Explore is a good option, I’m thinking of starting off in Ranked PvP. The three initial tasks are to use a Hammer weapon for 4 wins (B1), match 300 Brown Gems in battle (S1) and get 44 Monster kills (G1). S1 will benefit from a Brown Storm, and G1 will be accelerated in Drifting Sands, but it will still take time.

  2. After 4 wins, switch to Urskaya Explore (D2+) to get 13 Brown kills (B2), but make sure NOT to finish the Explore run until B2 is done and claimed.

  3. Finish exploring Urskaya once at D2+ (B3).

  4. Earn 5 Glory in PvP (B4).

  5. Open 2 Event Chests (B5).

  6. This would be a good time to hunt some Monsters to finish off G1 and S1, either by finishing off your weekly Ranked PvP or by fast exploring Drifting Sands. Unfortunately, it seems there are no Monsters in the World Event or on Monday’s Adventure Board. As soon as S1 is done, you probably want to Reroll S2 (complete two Adventure Boards).

  7. Use an Urskaya team for 4 wins (B6) with the Bear Banner (NRp) for 22 wins (G2), starting on the Adventure Board and/or Dungeon.

  8. Use the Sentinel Class for 4 wins (B7), continuing with easy battles.

  9. Complete 1 Treasure Hunt with 60+ turns (B8).

  10. Kill Lady Morana once (B9), ideally in the World Event.

  11. Use a Vault Key to kill 1 Treasure Gnome (B10)

  12. On Tuesday, if you didn’t Reroll, complete the second of two Adventure Boards (S2).

  13. Craft 3 Brown Summoning Stones (S3).

  14. Complete 3 Delves at Level 30+ (S4), either using Monday’s Daily Delve Sigils or Tuesday’s Faction Event.

To help out other people, set your general PvP defence to one Lady Morana and 3 Golems: [6613,6008,6008,6008,3009,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,14033]

Also, remember to set your Guild Wars Defences, and to save your keys for Friday’s new Mythic.


Is there any reason why you would automatically want to use a VK for B10? I could understand it if it were holding up other tasks or if you have already completed every other campaign task, but wouldn’t it make more sense to just focus on other tasks in case you are lucky enough to get a Gnome to show up, saving a VK?


I believe any Gnome that shows up in any other campaign event is considered a Battlecrasher – unless you come across one on an opposing team in PvP. I haven’t seen any in PvP yet, so the chances appear too slim to count on. (Treasures in PvP, yes; Treasure Gnomes, no.)

The simple reason is speed and dependability.

The aim of my strategies is to get the tasks done quickly and optimally. I even have to make guesses about when certain longer tasks will be finished, and I often get it wrong.

But yeah, if you’re short on Vault keys, you can certainly wait for a random Gnome.

Unfortunately, the text is miswritten and they won’t change it:

  • The three Gnomes in the Vault or Epic Vault all DO count (but not Cedric, I believe).
  • If a player puts a Gnome into a defence team, that does NOT count.
  • If a Gnome appears randomly in any battle, replacing another troop, that DOES count.
  • If a non-Gnome Battlecrasher appears, that does NOT count.
  • I don’t know if Valravens count or not, but I don’t think so.
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They do not count.
Also the task is worded “Treasure Gnome” but any gnome counts (or at least I think so, completed my task this week by defeating a Soul Gnome).

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Yes, any troop with the word “Gnome” in its name works, if it’s a random spawn.

Team code used: [6689,1218,6191,6723,3011,1,1,2,2,1,3,3,14018]

Cheers, Gary.

p.s. Texts are different from in-game, in collaboration with @Starlite the texts are now easier to read and shorter.


Hey @gary_dils I am not there yet but does Bronze Task 8 really say “use a vault key”?

No, it doesn’t. :slight_smile:
Any random-spawning Treasure Gnome will also do the trick, as before.

Additional: I should explain.

@gary_dils has been incredibly kind to provide me with an automated translation to the basic text I use to build my Campaign Strategy. This week, he chose to use the simplified text in his graphic, but as @Caldyrvan noticed, there are some issues with this approach. Essentially, the graphic serves a slightly different purpose to my Strategy.

I’m sure gary will address these issues in time for next week.

Campaign 5 Week 3 Strategy

This week is a 3 day Campaign, on paper. I’m inclined to only reroll one of the 2-day tasks, so you can use the Faction Event for S4. In any case, save your Adventure Boards (S1) and Dungeons (S2) for the restricted-team tasks (G1, B2, B4, B7). Otherwise, this week is pretty straightforward.

  1. Open 2 Event Chests (B1).

  2. If you’re going to reroll one of the 2-day tasks, do it immediately (S1), as they usually require lots of a particular kill.

  3. Use the Frostmage class for 4 wins (B2), while also using a Relic weapon for 22 wins (G1). Starting your weekly Ranked PvP is probably a good place to do this. Or if rerolling S1 gave you some Exploring to do, start there.

  4. Match 90 Blue Gems in battle (B3).

  5. Use the Frozen Banner (BPr) for 4 wins (B4). If you can’t do this in PvP, start Exploring Glacial Peaks for G2, but don’t finish your run. The Adventure Board is also an option.

  6. Craft 1 Blue Summoning Stone (B5).

  7. Once G1 is done, Explore Glacial Peaks 5 times at D3+ (G2).

  8. Get 13 Blue kills (B6). You can use Monday’s Dungeon, though if you rerolled S1, finish that first. Exploring Glacial Peaks will also get you there.

  9. Use a Glacial Peaks team for 4 wins (B7). I recommend using the Adventure Board.

  10. Use a Vault Key to kill 1 Treasure Gnome (B8).

  11. Get 9 Rogue kills (B9).

  12. Earn 80 Souls in battle (B10).

  13. If you didn’t reroll, complete the first of 2 Adventure Boards (S1), then do the second on Tuesday.

  14. Win the first 3 of 6 Dungeon Battles (S2), finishing up on Tuesday or Wednesday – or Reroll as soon as S1 is done.

  15. Complete 3 Delves at Level 40+ (S3). If you rerolled both S1 and S2, you can use Daily Delve Sigils on Monday. Rerolling once allows you to use the Faction Event. Otherwise, it’ll have to be Daily Delve Sigils on Wednesday.

  16. Finish off by earning 1,000 Gold in battle (S4).

To help out other players, set your PvP Defence to 4x Willi the Anchor: [6998,6998,6998,6998,3066,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,14033] (Shentang’s banner is the second best option).