With all the other dumpster fires, it's easy to forget that Archer Class Trial still sucks

This is not a new issue…
30 troops currently available in Forrest of Thorns

8 of them available for the Class Trial

Summons @Kafka to have her show us a great team to make out of this rubbish limited selection.
Otherwise consider making Archer a different class type (3 Elf Hero classes is excessive) or actually consider Archer Class Trial when releasing troops for this kingdom. If you’re going to have a weekly event, perhaps you actually continue to support it. :person_shrugging:


The combination by design kingdom + race gives us sometimes very low choices.
Thanks to the King teambuilding this time nevertheless is not too hard.

Hero with whatever crap weapon is avaible Book of Brambles(?).
Lord Belanor
Thorn Knight
King Avelorn

But other than that - meh.