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Elemaugrim spawn for task

Hi. One of this week’s campaign tasks is to defeat Elemaugrim and I can’t seem to spawn him as a boss on Explore Dragon’s Claw. Any ideas where I might find him?

Try to repick on casual pvp (it will cost 50 gold instead of 1 gem in raked), probably you’ll find some players that put him on their defense.



This and also:
You can scout the mythic battle in explore. If it’s not elemaugrim -> restart GoW, scout again. Repeat, until you see him…
strat by @cyberkiwi

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What? Please elaborate and explain this like you’d explain it to a child.

When you enter the boss fight (spend the mythstones, shouldn’t the enemy be settled at this point and cannot be changed even if you restarted? @Sytro

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@sytro yeah this did the trick, thanks for the help! 5 Ishtara in a row first!

Ok so you go to boss fight, and if it is wrong mythic, you back out and restart game and try again?

Do not start the mythic fight: go as far as seeing the opponent troops (scout for 50 gold if needed), and close the app if the enemy does not have Elemaugrim. Restart and try again as needed.

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So if backing out gives you your mythstones back, has anyone actually tested if you could change the boss by just entering and backing out boss fight multiple times without re launching the game?

Wondering this because I almost rather play another E12 run than launch the game multiple times… :slight_smile:

Didn’t work for me without restarting.
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Had to be a restart for me too or you lose the stones. Much quicker than a full 12 run again.

Ok so no backing out. You click boss fight and spend the stones, and if the enemy is not what you want, simply restart without any backing out?

Wondering how you can lose the stones when this was quoted above…

By actually starting the battle instead of just previewing the troops.

@Fourdottwoone lol well that’s pretty self explained.

Ok guess I do my own testing then when I get home.

I want to know if this can be abused without restarting the game. See, I don’t understand what the restart actually does.

In theory, if you actually get the mythstones back by backing out the fight, you could just do this:

  1. Click boss fight (spend mythstones)
  2. See what the enemy is (Ishtara)
  3. Back out (get mythstones back)

Repeat 1, 2, 3 until Elemaugrim pops up, and then enter the fight.

Why the need to restart the full game? It is a big deal for me!! :joy:

I think if you click it and back out the game automatically saves the progress as in it saves the enemies you will fight but if you just restart you don’t give the game to save so when you go back in it will choose the boss at random.

@Denthegod this makes sense and gives purpose for the game restarting.

Clears the memory cache on your device and makes game client “order” a new set of troop from server?
If you dont restart, game client probably has that thing saved in memory, to reduce the amount of data transfered to server and back.

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